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Exam Cisco Connected Grid (Engineer) Knowledge Verification
Number 650-127
File Name Cisco.CertDumps.650-127.2017-12-29.1e.56q.vcex
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Posted May 10, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which of the following models supports Power over Ethernet?

  • A: CGS-2520-24TC
  • B: CGS-2520-16S-8PC
  • C: All CGS models
  • D: None of the model supports POE
Question 2

Which of the following is not a supported PDI Help Desk function?

  • A: design and configuration support
  • B: technical product question
  • C: implementation questions and support
  • D: On site support
  • E: RFP review
Question 3

Which function is available on the Cisco Series 2500 Connected Grid Switch?

  • A: EnergyWise
  • B: inputs and outputs for alarms
  • C: GRWIC modules
  • D: StackWise
Question 4

Which of these describes the overall vision of the Cisco Smart Grid?

  • A: Create a single infrastructure for Unified Communications from electrical generation plants to all primary and secondary substations.
  • B: Integrate intelligent routing protocols into existing electrical grids.
  • C: Sell existing Cisco IP-based products to be used from end-to-end in our utility customer smart grid deployments.
  • D: Design and architect an end-to-end communications infrastructure integrated with the power.
Question 5

How many power supply slots are available on each Cisco CGR 2010 chassis?

  • A: 1 slot
  • B: 4 slots
  • C: 2 slots
  • D: No slots because all power is integrated over IP.
Question 6

What is the correct time delay for a critical GOOSE Type-1 message?

  • A: There is no specific time delay requirement.
  • B: Fewer than 10 ms
  • C: Less than 4 to 7 s
  • D: Less than 3 to 10 ms
Question 7

Which solution will allow remote engineering support for trouble or fault analysis?

  • A: remote engineering access (VPN)
  • B: network security
  • C: physical access control
  • D: network security
Question 8

Which two can use the Smart Grid PDI Help Desk? (Choose two.)

  • A: everyone
  • B: anyone with a CCO ID
  • C: trained connect grid partners internal Cisco sales team members
  • D: all Gold partners
Question 9

How many types of encryption are available for the CGR products?

  • A: 5 types
  • B: 3 types
  • C: 1 type
  • D: 2 types
  • E: 4 types
Question 10

Which one of these matches current Cisco Connected Grid solution applications?

  • A: Retail
  • B: Colocation facility
  • C: Branch office
  • D: Data Center
  • E: Utility substation, intelligent energy infrastructure, distributed generation, integrated renewable energy and Oil/Gas