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Exam Code: 400-007
Exam Name: Cisco Certified Design Expert CCDE v3.0
Date: Aug 30, 2023
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An enterprise that runs numerous proprietary applications has major issues with its on-premises server estate hardware, to the point where business-critical functions are compromised. The enterprise accelerates plans to migrate services to the cloud. Which cloud service should be used if the enterprise wants to avoid hardware issues yet have control of its applications and operating system?
  1. SaaS
  2. PaaS
  3. laaS
  4. hybrid cloud
Correct answer: C
Question 2
SDWAN networks capitalize the usage of broadband Internet links over traditional MPLS links to offer more cost benefits to enterprise customers. However, due to the insecure nature of the public Internet, it is mandatory to use encryption of traffic between any two SDWAN edge devices installed behind NAT gateways. Which overlay method can provide optimal transport over unreliable underlay networks that are behind NAT gateways?
  1. TLS
  2. DTLS
  3. IPsec
  4. GRE
Correct answer: C
Question 3
Which best practice ensures data security in the private cloud?
  1. Use IPsec for communication between unsecured network connection
  2. Encrypt data at rest and in transition.
  3. Use the same vendor for consistent encryption.
  4. Anonymize data ownership to comply with privacy rules.
Correct answer: B
Question 4
As part of workspace digitization, a large enterprise has migrated all their users to Desktop as a Sen/ice (DaaS), by hosting the backend system in their on-premises data center. Some of the branches have started to experience disconnections to the DaaS at periodic intervals, however, local users in the data center and head office do not experience this behavior. Which technology can be used to mitigate this issue?
  1. tail drop
  2. traffic shaping
  3. WRED
  4. traffic policing
Correct answer: B
Traffic Shaping does help with congestion and better bandwidth utilization over the WAN.
Traffic Shaping does help with congestion and better bandwidth utilization over the WAN.
Question 5
An enterprise has identified these causes for inefficient CAPEX spending:
  • CAPEX planning is driven by technology and not by business objectives. 
  • The CAPEX planning team lacks the data it needs to perform due diligence tasks. 
  • The organizational structure lacks sufficient accountability and incentives. 
Which corporate cultural change contributes to improving the effectiveness of CAPEX spending?
  1. Build a financial control function that delivers high-quality reports on operational expenses for business insight and financial reporting.
  2. CxO-level staff must have a full technical understanding but the should not trust their technical leaders fully.
  3. Adopt new organizational models that promote real accountability for RO
  4. not just revenu
  5. EBITDA, and cash.
  6. Marketing and product management divisions must reduce their CAPEX budgets significantly to drive the change.
Correct answer: C
Question 6
Which SDN architecture component is used by the application layer to communicate with the control plane layer to provide instructions about the resources required by applications?
  1. southbound APIs
  2. northbound APIs
  3. orchestration layer
  4. SDN controller
Correct answer: B
Question 7
Company XYZ wants to improve the security design of their network to include protection from reconnaissance and DoS attacks on their sub interfaces destined toward next hop routers. Which technology can be used to prevent these types of attacks?
  1. MPP
  2. CPPr
  3. CoPP
  4. DPP
Correct answer: B
Question 8
Refer to the table. 
A customer investigates connectivity options for a DCI between two production data centers to aid a large-scale migration project. The solution must provide a single 10G connection between locations and be able to run its own varying QoS profiles without service provider interaction based on the migration stages. All connectivity methods are at 10 Gbps. Which transport technology costs the least if the connectivity is required for just one year?
  1. MPLS wires only
  2. CWDM over dark fiber
  3. DWDM over dark fiber
  4. Metro Ethernet
Correct answer: A
Question 9
Which solution component helps to achieve rapid migration to the cloud for SaaS and public cloud leveraging SD-WAN capabilities?
  1. service-oriented cloud architecture
  2. Cloud onramp
  3. cloud registry
  4. microservices in the cloud
Correct answer: B
Question 10
What statement describes the application layer as defined in the software-defined networking architecture?
  1. This layer is responsible for collecting the network status such as network usage and topology.
  2. This layer contains programs that communicate their desired network behavior to controllers.
  3. This layer is responsible for handling packets based on the rules provided by the controller.
  4. This layer processes the instructions and requirements sent by networking components.
Correct answer: B

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