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Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 400-007
Exam Name: Cisco Certified Design Expert CCDE v3.0
Date: Aug 04, 2023
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Refer to the exhibit. 
The enterprise customer wants to stream one-way video from their head office to eight branch offices using multicast. Their current service provider provides a Layer3 VPN solution and manages the CE routers, but they do not currently support multicast. Which solution quickly allows this multicast traffic to go through while allowing for future scalability?
  1. Enable a GRE tunnel between nodes CE1 and CE2
  2. Enable a GRE tunnel between nodes C2 and C4
  3. Enable a GRE tunnel between nodes C1 and C4
  4. Implement hub and spoke MPLS VPN over DMVPN (also known as 2547o DMVPN) between CE1and CE2
  5. The service provider must provide a Draft Rosen solution to enable a GRE tunnel between nodesPE1 and PE2
Correct answer: B
Question 2
An enterprise network has two core routers that connect to 200 distribution routers and uses fullmesh IBGP peering between these routers as its routing method. The distribution routers are experiencing high CPU utilization due to the BGP process. Which design solution is the most cost effective?
  1. Implement route reflectors on the two core routers
  2. Increase the memory on the core routers
  3. Implement e BGP between the core and distribution routers
  4. Increase the memory on the distribution routers
  5. Increase bandwidth between the core routers
Correct answer: A
Question 3
You want to mitigate failures that are caused by STP loops that occur before UDLD detects the failure or that are caused by a device that is no longer sending BPDUs. Which mechanism do you use along with UDLD?
  1. Root guard
  2. BPDU guard
  3. Loop guard
  4. BPDU filtering
Correct answer: C
Question 4
A multicast network is sing Bidirectional PIM. Which two combined actions achieve high availability so that two RPs within the same network can act in a redundant manner? (Choose two)
  1. Use two phantom RP addresses
  2. Manipulate the administration distance of the unicast routes to the two RPs
  3. Manipulate the multicast routing table by creating static mroutes to the two RPs
  4. Advertise the two RP addresses in the routing protocol
  5. Use anycast RP based on MSDP peering between the two RPs
  6. Control routing to the two RPs through a longest match prefix
Correct answer: AF
Question 5
Refer to the table. 
A customer investigates connectivity options for a DCI between two production data centers to aid a 
large-scale migration project. The migration is estimated to take 20 months to complete but might extend an additional 10 months if issues arise. All connectivity 
options meet the requirements to migrate workloads. Which transport technology provides the best ROI based on cost and flexibility?
  1. CWDM over dark fiber
  2. MPLS
  3. DWDM over dark fiber
  4. Metro Ethernet
Correct answer: D
Question 6
Which effect of using ingress filtering to prevent spoofed addresses on a network design is true?
  1. It reduces the effectiveness of DDoS attacks when associated with DSCP remarking to Scavenger.
  2. It protects the network Infrastructure against spoofed DDoS attacks.
  3. It Classifies bogon traffic and remarks it with DSCP bulk.
  4. It filters RFC 1918 IP addresses.
Correct answer: B
Question 7
Which mechanism provides Layer 2 fault isolation between data centers?
  1. fabric path
  2. OTL
  3. advanced VPLS
  4. LISP
  5. TRILL
Correct answer: D
Question 8
Which two data plane hardening techniques are true? (Choose two)
  1. warning banners
  2. redundant AAA servers
  3. Control Plane Policing
  4. SNMPv3
  5. routing protocol authentication
Correct answer: E
Question 9
Which two advantages of using DWDM over traditional optical networks are true? (Choose two.)
  1. inherent topology flexibility and service protection provided without penalty through intelligent oversubscription of bandwidth reservation
  2. ability to expand bandwidth over existing optical Infrastructure
  3. inherent topology flexibility with built-in service protection
  4. inherent topology flexibility with intelligent chromatic dispersion
  5. inherent topology flexibility with a service protection provided through a direct integration with an upper layer protocol
Correct answer: BC
Question 10
Company XYZ is designing the network for IPv6 security and they have these design requirements:
  • A switch or router must deny access to traffic from sources with addresses that are correct, but are topologically incorrect 
  • Devices must block Neighbor Discovery Protocol resolution for destination addresses that are not found in the binding table. 
Which two IPv4 security features are recommended for this company? (Choose two)
  1. IPv6 DHCP Guard
  2. IPv6 Source Guard 
  3. IPv6 Destination Guard
  4. IPv6 Prefix Guard
  5. IPv6 RA Guard
Correct answer: CD

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