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Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 300-430
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (300-430 ENWLSI)
Date: Mar 18, 2020
File Size: 1 MB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
A wireless engineer must implement a corporate wireless network for a large company in the most efficient way possible. The wireless network must support 32 VLANs for 300 employees in different departments. Which solution must the engineer choose?
  1. Configure a second WLC to support half of the APs in the deployment.
  2. Configure one single SSID and implement Cisco ISE for VLAN assignment according to different user roles.
  3. Configure different AP groups to support different VLANs, so that all of the WLANs can be broadcast on both radios.
  4. Configure 16 WLANs to be broadcast on the 2.4-GHz band and 16 WLANs to be broadcast on the 5.0-GHz band.
Correct answer: B
Question 2
A corporation has recently implemented a BYOD policy at their HQ. Which two risks should the security director be concerned about? (Choose two.)
  1. network analyzers
  2. malware
  3. lost and stolen devices
  4. keyloggers
  5. unauthorized users
Correct answer: BC
Question 3
Which two restrictions are in place with regards to configuring mDNS? (Choose two.)
  1. mDNS uses only UDP port 5436 as a destination port.
  2. mDNS cannot use UDP port 5353 as the destination port.
  3. mDNS is not supported on FlexConnect APs with a locally switched WLAN.
  4. Controller software must be newer than 7.0.6+.
  5. mDNS is not supported over IPv6.
Correct answer: CD
Question 4
An engineer configures the wireless LAN controller to perform 802.1x user authentication. Which configuration must be enabled to ensure that client devices can connect to the wireless, even when WLC cannot communicate with the
  1. pre-authentication
  2. local EAP
  3. authentication caching 
  4. Cisco Centralized Key Management
Correct answer: B
Question 5
Which QoS level is recommended for guest services?
  1. gold
  2. bronze
  3. platinum
  4. silver
Correct answer: B
Question 6
Which feature on the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller must be present to support dynamic VLAN mapping?
  1. FlexConnect ACL
  2. VLAN name override
  4. AAA override
Correct answer: D
Question 7
Which two statements about the requirements for a Cisco Hyperlocation deployment are true? (Choose two.)
  1. After enabling Cisco Hyperlocation on Cisco CMX, the APs and the wireless LAN controller must be restarted.
  2. NTP can be configured, but that is not recommended.
  3. The Cisco Hyperlocation feature must be enabled on the wireless LAN controller and Cisco CMX.
  4. The Cisco Hyperlocation feature must be enabled only on the wireless LAN controller.
  5. If the Cisco CMX server is a VM, a high-end VM is needed for Cisco Hyperlocation deployments.
Correct answer: AC
Question 8
An engineer must use Cisco AVC on a Cisco WLC to prioritize Cisco IP cameras that use the wireless network. Which element do you configure in a rule?
  1. permit-ACL 
  2. WMM required
  3. mark
  4. rate-limit
Correct answer: C
Question 9
An engineer wants to configure WebEx to adjust the precedence and override the QoS profile on the WLAN. Which configuration is needed to complete this task?
  1. Change the WLAN reserved bandwidth for WebEx
  2. Create an AVC profile for WebEx
  3. Create an ACL for WebEx
  4. Change the AVC application WebEx-app-sharing to mark
Correct answer: B
Question 10
Which three properties are used for client profiling of wireless clients? (Choose three.)
  1. HTTP user agent
  2. DHCP
  3. MAC OUI
  4. hostname
  5. OS version
  6. IP address
Correct answer: ABC

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