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Exam Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH v2.0)
Number 300-115
File Name Cisco.Pass4sure.300-115.v1-0.2017-09-25.1e.75q.vcex
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Posted September 25, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What command should you use to quickly view the HSRP state of the switch for all HSRP groups of which the switch is a member?

  • A: switch# show standby brief
  • B: switch# show ip interface brief
  • C: switch# show hsrp
  • D: switch# show standby

Question 2
Examine the configuration shown below in a partial output of the show run command executed from Router 5.  
With this configuration, which of the following is true? 

  • A: if POS 1/0 goes down, Router 5 will become the AVG.
  • B: if POS 1/0 goes down, Router 5 will relinquish its role as AVG.
  • C: if POS 1/0 and POS 2/0 go down, Router 5 will relinquish its role as AVG.
  • D: if POS 1/0 and POS 2/0 go down, Router 5 will become the AVG.

Question 3
You need to create an implementation plan for providing Layer 3 redundancy in your switched network. You included Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) as the protocol to avoid first-hop router failure. However, your supervisor suggests including Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) instead of HSRP in the implementation plan. 
Which of the following statements is TRUE about the reasons for the suggested change in the implementation plan? (Choose two.)

  • A: HSRP works only on Cisco routers and VRRP works on both Cisco and non- Cisco routers.
  • B: HSRP works on both Cisco and non-Cisco routers and VRRP works only Cisco routers.
  • C: HSRP-enabled routers need to be configured manually to preempt the active router and VRRP-enabled routers preempt it automatically.
  • D: HSRP-enabled routers automatically preempt the active router and VRRP-enabled routers need to be configured manually to preempt the active router.

Question 4
In which HSRP state is the router a candidate to become the next active router for the group?

  • A: Learn
  • B: Backup
  • C: Listen
  • D: Initial
  • E: Standby

Question 5
How is load balancing achieved when implementing HSRP?

  • A: By configuring multiple gateways on the routers
  • B: By using multiple HSRP groups
  • C: By configuring the same priority on all HSRP group members
  • D: By configuring multiple virtual router addresses

Question 6
Which routers comprise a VRRP group?

  • A: Host and client
  • B: Master and backup
  • C: Active and standby
  • D: Primary and secondary

Question 7
Which of the following is required to allow load balancing between three HSRP routers connected to the same LAN?

  • A: A single HSRP group with all three routers as active routers for the group
  • B: A single HSRP group with one active router for the group
  • C: Two HSRP groups, each with an active router
  • D: Two HSRP groups with one active router for both the groups
  • E: Three HSRP groups, each with an active router
  • F: Three HSRP groups with one active router for all groups

Question 8
Which virtual router states are defined in the GLBP protocol? (Choose two.)

  • A: Backup gateway
  • B: Primary gateway
  • C: Active virtual gateway
  • D: Active secondary gateway
  • E: Active virtual forwarder

Question 9
You are in the process of verifying the operation of your core switches, which are using HSRP. One core switch was left with the default priority; the other was given a lower priority to make it the standby switch. The command show standby brief was executed on one of the switches. Output of the command is shown below:
What does this output mean? (Choose all that apply.) 

  • A: this switch is using the default priority 
  • B: this switch is the active HSRP switch
  • C: the HSRP devices are up and functioning correctly
  • D: the switch intended to be the active switch has failed and this switch has taken over
  • E: preemption is enabled for the group

Question 10
You are troubleshooting a problem with two routers configured in a HSRP group. You intended to configure the routers so that Router A and Router B would each track their respective Fa0/1 interfaces and decrement their priorities for several VLAN groups if the tracked interface went down. However, you find that Router A is not taking over as the active device for the HSRP group on VLAN 101 when the Fa0/1 interface on Router B fails. 
Which command would NOT be useful for discovering the problem? 

  • A: show running-configuration
  • B: show vlans
  • C: show standby brief
  • D: show standby


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