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Vendor: Checkpoint
Exam Code: 156-585
Exam Name: Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Expert
Date: Oct 04, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What are some measures you can take to prevent IPS false positives?
  1. Exclude problematic services from being protected by IPS (sip, H.323, etc.)
  2. Use IPS only in Detect mode
  3. Use Recommended IPS profile
  4. Capture packets, Update the IPS database, and Back up custom IPS files
Correct answer: A
Question 2
VPN issues may result from misconfiguration, communication failure, or incompatible default configurations between peers. 
Which basic command syntax needs to be used for troubleshooting Site-to-SiteVPN issues?
  1. vpn debug truncon
  2. fw debug truncon
  3. cp debug truncon
  4. vpn truncon debug
Correct answer: A
Question 3
What are the maximum kernel debug buffer sizes, depending onthe version?
  1. 8MB or 32MB
  2. 8GB or 64GB
  3. 4MB or 8MB
  4. 32MB or 64MB
Correct answer: A
Question 4
Which daemon governs the Mobile Access VPN blade and works with VPND to create Mobile Access VPN connections? 
It also handles interactions between HTTPS and the Multi-Portal Daemon.
  1. Connectra VPN Daemon - cvpnd
  2. Mobile Access Daemon - MAD
  3. mvpnd
  4. SSL VPN Daemon - sslvpnd
Correct answer: A
Question 5
What does CMI stand for in relation to the AccessControl Policy?
  1. Content Matching Infrastructure
  2. Content Management Interface
  3. Context Management Infrastructure
  4. Context Manipulation Interface
Correct answer: C
Question 6
You are trying to establish a VPN tunnel between two Security Gateways but fail. What initial steps will you make to troubleshoot the issue?
  1. capture traffic on both tunnel members and collect debug of IKE and VPND daemon
  2. capture traffic on both tunnel members and collect kernel debug for fw module with vm, crypt, conn and drop flags, then collect debug of IKE and VPND daemon
  3. collect debug of IKE and VPND daemon and collect kernel debug for fw module with vm, crypt, conn and drop flags
  4. capture traffic on both tunnel members and collect kernel debug for fw module with vm, crypt, conn and drop flags
Correct answer: A
Question 7
An administrator receives reports about issues with log indexing and text searching regarding an existing Management Server. In trying to find a solution she wants to check if the process responsible for this feature is running correctly. What is true about the related process?
  1. fwm manages this database after initialization of the ICA
  2. cpd needs to be restarted manual to show in the list
  3. fwssd crashes can affect therefore not show in the list
  4. solr is a child process of cpm
Correct answer: D
Question 8
When debugging is enabled on firewall kernel module using the ‘fw ctl debug’ command with required options, many debug messages are provided by the kernel that help the administrator to identify issues. Which of the following is true about these debug messages generated by the kernel module?
  1. Messages are written to a buffer and collected using ‘fw ctl kdebug’
  2. Messages are written to console and also /var/log/messages file
  3. Messages are written to /etc/dmesg file
  4. Messages are written to $FWDIR/log/fw.elg 
Correct answer: B
Question 9
How can you increase the ring buffer size to 1024descriptors?
  1. set interface eth0 rx-ringsize 1024
  2. fw ctl int rx_ringsize 1024
  3. echo rx_ringsize=1024>>/etc/sysconfig/sysctl.conf
  4. dbedit>modify properties firewall_properties rx_ringsize 1024
Correct answer: A
Question 10
What are four maindatabase domains?
  1. System, Global, Log, Event
  2. System, User, Host, Network
  3. Local, Global, User, VPN 
  4. System, User, Global, Log
Correct answer: D

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