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Exam Check Point Certified Security Administrator
Number 156-215.80
File Name CheckPoint.156-215.80.2017-09-25.1e.166q.vcex
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Posted October 18, 2017


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Demo Questions

Question 1

How many users can have read/write access in Gaia at one time?

  • A: Infinite
  • B: One
  • C: Three
  • D: Two
Question 2

Which Check Point software blade provides visibility of users, groups and machines while also providing access control through identity-based policies?

  • A: Firewall
  • B: Identity Awareness
  • C: Application Control
  • D: URL Filtering
Question 3

Fill in the blank: The R80 SmartConsole, SmartEvent GUI client, and _______ consolidate billions of logs and shows them as prioritized security events.

  • A: SmartMonitor
  • B: SmartView Web Application
  • C: SmartReporter
  • D: SmartTracker
Question 4

Fill in the blank: RADIUS Accounting gets ______ data from requests generated by the accounting client

  • A: Destination
  • B: Identity
  • C: Payload
  • D: Location
Question 5

Fill in the blank: The IPS policy for pre-R80 gateways is installed during the _______ .

  • A: Firewall policy install
  • B: Threat Prevention policy install
  • C: Anti-bot policy install
  • D: Access Control policy install