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Exam Check Point Certified Security Administrator
Number 156-215.80
File Name Check Point Certified Security Administrator.CertDumps.156-215.80.2020-07-30.1e.421q.vcex
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Posted July 30, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is the purpose of the CPCA process?

  • A: Monitoring the status of processes
  • B: Sending and receiving logs
  • C: Communication between GUI clients and the SmartCenter server
  • D: Generating and modifying certificates

Question 2
You are the Check Point administrator for Alpha Corp with an R80 Check Point estate. You have received a call by one of the management users stating that they are unable to browse the Internet with their new tablet connected to the company Wireless. The Wireless system goes through the Check Point Gateway. How do you review the logs to see what the problem may be?

  • A: Open SmartLog and connect remotely to the IP of the wireless controller
  • B: Open SmartView Tracker and filter the logs for the IP address of the tablet
  • C: Open SmartView Tracker and check all the IP logs for the tablet
  • D: Open SmartLog and query for the IP address of the Manager's tablet

Question 3
What are the advantages of a "shared policy" in R80?

  • A: Allows the administrator to share a policy between all the users identified by the Security Gateway
  • B: Allows the administrator to share a policy between all the administrators managing the Security Management Server
  • C: Allows the administrator to share a policy so that it is available to use in another Policy Package
  • D: Allows the administrator to install a policy on one Security Gateway and it gets installed on another managed Security Gateway

Question 4
Which of the following is NOT a SecureXL traffic flow?

  • A: Medium Path
  • B: Accelerated Path
  • C: Fast Path
  • D: Slow Path

Question 5
Which of the following Automatically Generated Rules NAT rules have the lowest implementation priority?

  • A: Machine Hide NAT
  • B: Address Range Hide NAT
  • C: Network Hide NAT
  • D: Machine Static NAT

Question 6
In R80 spoofing is defined as a method of:

  • A: Disguising an illegal IP address behind an authorized IP address through Port Address Translation.
  • B: Hiding your firewall from unauthorized users.
  • C: Detecting people using false or wrong authentication logins
  • D: Making packets appear as if they come from an authorized IP address.

Question 7
Which Check Point feature enables application scanning and the detection?

  • A: Application Dictionary
  • B: AppWiki
  • C: Application Library
  • D: CPApp

Question 8
DLP and Geo Policy are examples of what type of Policy?

  • A: Standard Policies
  • B: Shared Policies
  • C: Inspection Policies
  • D: Unified Policies

Question 9
Which of the following statements is TRUE about R80 management plug-ins?

  • A: The plug-in is a package installed on the Security Gateway.
  • B: Installing a management plug-in requires a Snapshot, just like any upgrade process.
  • C: A management plug-in interacts with a Security Management Server to provide new features and support for new products.
  • D: Using a plug-in offers full central management only if special licensing is applied to specific features of the plug-in.

Question 10
Fill in the blank: Gaia can be configured using the _______ or ______ .

  • A: Gaia; command line interface
  • B: WebUI; Gaia Interface
  • C: Command line interface; WebUI
  • D: Gaia Interface; GaiaUI



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