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Exam BTA Certified Blockchain Developer - Hyperledger
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Demo Questions

Question 1
When creating a network according to an organization's structure and also bootstrap a channel what are the following artifacts we would need to generate?

  • A: Genesis Block, License File and Anchor Peer Configs for each organization.
  • B: Genesis Block, ledger Configuration and Anchor Peer Configs for each organization.
  • C: Genesis Block, Channel Configuration and Anchor Peer Configs for each organization.
  • D: Genesis Block, Channel Configuration and Anchor MSP Configs for each organization.

Question 2
Blockchain services consists of three major components.  
What are they? (Select three.)

  • A: Consensus Manager
  • B: Distributed Ledger
  • C: Peer to Peer Protocol
  • D: Reputation Manager
  • E: Membership Services

Question 3
The gossip data dissemination protocol performs which three functions? (Choose three.)

  • A: Manages peer discovery and channel membership
  • B: Disseminates ledger data across all peers on the channel
  • C: Manages channel membership only
  • D: Sync ledger state across all peers on any channel
  • E: Sync ledger state across all peers on the channel
  • F: Manages peer discovery only

Question 4
What Hyperledger sponsored tool is a new open-source application development framework, which simplifies the creation of Hyperledger Fabric blockchain applications, thus reducing the time and complexity of development.  
The tool aims at helping users to create blockchain applications based on Hyperledger Fabric without needing to know the low-level (Go Programming) details involved in blockchain networks?

  • A: Hyperledger Quilt
  • B: Hyperledger Composer
  • C: Hyperledger Explorer
  • D: Hyperledger Cello

Question 5
The CA (Certificate Authority) in Hyperledger Fabric issues the certificates. These certificates are used for identity validation and for transmission of encrypted data that only the owner (person, organization or software) of a specific certificate is able to decrypt and read.  
What types of certificates are issued by the CA?

  • A: tcert
  • B: ecert
  • C: rootcert

Question 6
Hyperledger Composer has the following two main components.

  • A: Composer Framework and a Business Network Archive
  • B: Composer Playground and a Business Network Configuration
  • C: Composer Playground and a Business Network Archive
  • D: Distributed Ledger and a Business Network Archive
  • E: Distributed Ledger and Composer playground

Question 7
Blockchain solutions are comprised of four building blocks. Which of the following answers list the building blocks?

  • A: Shared ledger, Privacy, Trust, and Smart Contracts or (Chaincode)
  • B: Shared ledger, Centralization, Trustless, and Smart Contracts or (Chaincode)
  • C: Shared ledger, Privacy, Trustless, and Smart Contracts or (Chaincode)
  • D: Shared ledger, Centralization, Trust, and Smart Contacts or (Chaincode)

Question 8
An_____________ is defined as a communication node that is responsible for the distribution of blockchain transactions in Hyperledger Fabric.

  • A: MSP
  • B: Peer Node
  • C: Client Node
  • D: Endorsing Node
  • E: Orderer

Question 9
Which of the following is a role in Fabric that has permission to create transactions and query network data?

  • A: Chain Transactor
  • B: Chain Administrator
  • C: Chain Auditor
  • D: Chain Member

Question 10
A transaction in Hyperledger Fabric is a request to the blockchain to execute a function on the ledger. 
By what the function is implemented?

  • A: Chaincode
  • B: Service Account
  • C: SDK
  • D: API



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