Download Designing and Deploying a BlackBerry Solution v5.0 in a IBM Lotus Domino Environment.BCP-621.PracticeTest.2017-01-12.42q.vcex

Vendor: BlackBerry
Exam Code: BCP-621
Exam Name: Designing and Deploying a BlackBerry Solution v5.0 in a IBM Lotus Domino Environment
Date: Jan 12, 2017
File Size: 24 KB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
In which location can the administrator change the port that is being used by BlackBerry Enterprise Server for SQL communication?
  1. The BlackBerry Administration Service
  2. The BlackBerry Server Configuration Utility
  3. The SQL Management Studio
  4. The SQL Server Configuration Manager
  5. The SQL Server Port Area Configuration Utility
Correct answer: B
Question 2
Given a company’s planned implementation of BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 5.0, how can they ensure that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances have stable connectivity to the BlackBerry Infrastructure? (Choose one)
  1. Create a BlackBerry Router pool
  2. Create a BlackBerry MDS Connection pool
  3. Create a BlackBerry Administration Service pool
  4. Cerate a BlackBerry Collaboration Service pool
  5. Create a BlackBerry Load Balancing pool
Correct answer: A
Question 3
Which three services automatically start on a standby server when a failover occurs? (Choose three)
  1. BlackBerry MailStore Service
  2. BlackBerry Dispatcher Service
  3. BlackBerry Router Service
  4. BlackBerry Policy Service
  5. BlackBerry Synchroization Service
Correct answer: ADE
Question 4
A user is experiencing message delays on the BlackBerry device. When this occurs, the pending message count does not increase on the BlackBerry device users statics. What can be done during a mitigate these issues? (Choose one)
  1. Reduce the network between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the IBM Lotus Domino Server
  2. Changing to another wireless service provider BlackBerry devices with better coverage Changing to another wireless service provider? BlackBerry devices with better coverage
  3. Reduce the network latency between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the Microsoft SQL Server
  4. Move to a better performing Microsoft SQL Server
  5. Make sure users remain in coverage during reported times
Correct answer: A
Question 5
Which two features does BlackBerry Desktop Manager offer that BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager does not? (Choose two.)
  1. Backup and Restore
  2. PIM Sync
  3. Certificate Sync
  4. Application Loader
  5. Email Filters
Correct answer: BC
Question 6
An administrator has his BlackBerry Administration Service server setup in a three node BlackBerry Administration Service cluster. He notices that each time he selects a link within the BlackBerry Administration Service it takes 2+ minutes before the BlackBerry Administration Service responds. He decides he needs to set the debug
log level to “TRACE” to troubleshoot the issue and get a root causes analysis. Which XML file needs to be modified to increase the BlackBerry Administration Service debug log level to “TRACE”?
  1. Log4j.xml
  2. Cluster-service.xml
  3. BAS-logger.xml
  4. Ejb3-entity-cache-service.xml
  5. DebugLogLevel.xml
Correct answer: A
Question 7
Which BlackBerry Enterprise Server component is responsible writing the health scores to the BlackBerry Configuration Database/
  1. BlackBerry Controller
  2. BlackBerry Messaging Agent
  3. BlackBerry Mailstore Service
  4. BlackBerry Dispatcher
  5. BlackBerry Router
Correct answer: D
Question 8
After upgrading two BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances to software version 5.0 services books and IT polices are automatically updated and sent to BlackBerry devices running which minimum version of BlackBerry Device Software?
  1. 3.8 and above
  2. 4.0 and above
  3. 4.2 and above
  4. 4.3 and above
  5. 5.0 and above
Correct answer: B
Question 9
Which two BlackBerry Enterprise Server components can be load balanced using DNS round robin? (Choose two.)
  1. BlackBerry Administration Service
  2. BlackBerry Dispatcher Service
  3. BlackBerry MDS Connection Service
  4. BlackBerry MDS Integration Service
  5. BlackBerry Roter
Correct answer: AD
Question 10
Which solution provides the least amount of BlackBerry device user downtime?
  1. Install the BlackBerry Monitor Service and configure it to restart the BlackBerry Controller
  2. Install a standby BlackBerry Enterprise Server and configure it for automatic failover
  3. Install an additional BlackBerry Enterprise Server that users can be moved to
  4. Install an additional BlackBerry MDS Integration Services and configure a failover pool
Correct answer: A

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