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Exam BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer - RCDD
Number RCDD-001
File Name BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer -RCDD.passleader.RCDD-001.2019-02-23.1e.358q.vcex
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Posted February 23, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which characteristic is an advantage of copper based media over optical fiber cable?

  • A: Weight
  • B: Corrosion resistance
  • C: Ability to handle analog signals
  • D: Susceptibility to EMI
  • E: Very high data rates

Question 2
Which is an advantage of stranded conductors over solid conductors?

  • A: Less costly
  • B: Simpler terminations
  • C: Better high frequency performance
  • D: More flexible

Question 3
Composite conductors, although not generally recommended, may be used in special circumstances because they provide all of the following advantages EXCEPT:

  • A: Have good digital transmission characteristics
  • B: Lightweight
  • C: Inexpensive
  • D: Easy to produce
  • E: Easily embedded into other materials

Question 4
Which electrical characteristic is displayed with the correct preferred value?

  • A: Dielectric constant – high value
  • B: Dielectric strength – high value
  • C: Dissipation factor – low value
  • D: Insulation resistance - high value

Question 5
If the input signal power to a communication system is 1 W and the output power is 1 mW, the system attenuation is:

  • A: 3 dB
  • B: 20 dB
  • C: 30 dB
  • D: 40 dB
  • E: 1000 dB

Question 6
Two sinusoidal signals have the same amplitude (A) and the same frequency (f). They differ in phase by 180 degrees. If these two signals are added together, the result is a sinusoidal signal having an amplitude of:

  • A: Zero
  • B: 0.707A and a frequency of f
  • C: A and a frequency of 2f
  • D: 2A and a frequency of f
  • E: 2A and a frequency of 2f

Question 7
Which of the following correctly lists the lowest frequency band to the highest frequency band?

  • A: MF, HF, VHF, UHF
  • B: UHF, VHF, HF, MF
  • C: HF, MF, UHF, VHF
  • D: VHF, UHF, MF, HF
  • E: HF, MF, UHF, VHF

Question 8
The conversion of an analog speech signal to a pulse code modulation (PCM) digital signal involves all of the following steps EXCEPT:

  • A: Low pass filtering
  • B: Periodic sampling
  • C: Quantizing
  • D: Companding
  • E: Amplitude modulation

Question 9
The signal at the input to a balanced twisted pair cable is 10 mW. The cable is 1000 feet long and has an attenuation of 1 dB per 100 feet. This cable is connected to the input of a receiver. The noise level at the input to the receiver is 1 microwatt. What is the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) (dB) at the receiver input?

  • A: 10 dB
  • B: 30 dB
  • C: 40 dB
  • D: 60 dB
  • E: 100 dB

Question 10
You must place CAT6 cable above a factory floor with automated welding machines and hammer forges. Of the following, what type of shielding would be most effective?

  • A: Multi-layer braid
  • B: Foil and braid
  • C: Solid metallic conduit
  • D: Flex metallic conduit
  • E: Sch. 40 PVC conduit



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