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Vendor: BCS
Exam Code: ISEB-SWT2
Exam Name: ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level (BH0-010)
Date: Jul 24, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following activities should be performed during the selection and implementation of a testing tool? 
a) Determine whether the organization existing test process needs to change. 
b) Conduct a proof of concept. 
c) Implement the selected tool on a project behind schedule to save time. 
d) Identify coaching and mentoring requirements for the use of the selected tool
  1. a, b and c.
  2. b, c and d.
  3. a, c and d.
  4. a, b and d.
Correct answer: D
Question 2
Which one of the following is true of software development models?
  1. There are always four test levels in the V-model.
  2. In a Rapid Application Development (RAD) project, there are four test levels for each iteration.
  3. In Agile development models, the number of test levels for an iteration can vary depending on the project.
  4. There must be at least four test levels for any software development model.
Correct answer: C
Question 3
Four testers have each submitted an incident report in which each reported a problem with the User log-on process. User log-on is a critical component of the system. The table below describes the four defect reports submitted. 
Which Tester has reported the incident MOST effectively, considering the information and priority they have supplied?
  1. Tester 3
  2. Tester 1
  3. Tester 2
  4. Tester 4
Correct answer: D
Question 4
The flow graph below shows the logic of a program for which 100% statement coverage and 100% decision coverage is required on exit from component testing. 
The following test cases have been run:
Which of the following statements related to coverage is correct?
  1. Statement coverage is 100%; decision coverage is 100%.
  2. Statement coverage is less than 100%; decision coverage is 100%.
  3. Statement coverage is 100%; decision coverage is less than 100%.
  4. Statement coverage and decision coverage are both less than 100%.
Correct answer: A
Question 5
Which of the following is a purpose of the review kick off activity?
  1. Explain the objectives
  2. Select the personnel group
  3. Document results
  4. Define entry and exit criteria
Correct answer: A
Question 6
Which statement about combinations of inputs and preconditions is true for a large system?
  1. It is easy to test them all in a short time
  2. It is not practically possible to test them all
  3. It is not possible to test any of them
  4. It is essential to test them all in order to do good testing
Correct answer: B
Question 7
Which of the following is a MAJOR task of evaluating exit criteria and reporting?
  1. Writing a test summary report for stakeholders
  2. Logging the outcome of test execution
  3. Repeating test activities as a result of action taken for each discrepancy.
  4. Evaluating testability of the requirements and system
Correct answer: A
Question 8
Which statement BEST describes the role of testing?
  1. Testing ensures that the right version of code is delivered
  2. Testing can be used to assess quality.
  3. Testing shows that the software is error free.
  4. Testing improves quality in itself.
Correct answer: B
Question 9
Under what circumstances would you plan to perform maintenance testing? 
a) As part of a migration of an application from one platform to another. 
b) As part of a planned enhancement release. 
c) When the test scripts need to be updated. 
d) For data migration associated with the retirement of a system
  1. a, b and c
  2. b, c and d
  3. a, b and d
  4. a, c and d
Correct answer: C
Question 10
Given the following sample of pseudo code:
01 Input number of male rabbits 
02 Input number of female rabbits 
03 If male rabbits > 0 and female rabbits > 0 then 
04 Input Do you want to breed (Yes / No) 
05 If breed = “No” 
06 Print deep male and female rabbits apart! 
07 End if 
08 End If. 
Which of the following test cases will ensure that statement “06” is executed?
  1. male rabbits = 1, female rabbits = 1, breed = Yes male rabbits = 1, female rabbits = 1, breed = “Yes”
  2. male rabbits = 1, female rabbits = 1, breed = No male rabbits = 1, female rabbits = 1, breed = “No”
  3. male rabbits = 1, female rabbits = 2, breed = Yes male rabbits = 1, female rabbits = 2, breed = “Yes”
  4. male rabbits = 1, female rabbits = 0, breed = No male rabbits = 1, female rabbits = 0, breed = “No”
Correct answer: B

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