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Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 6210
Exam Name: Avaya Aura Contact Center Implementation Exam
Date: Oct 13, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
After completing the Avaya Aura® Contact Center installation, you want to display the installation log. 
What is the path to the log?
  1. D:\Avaya\Logs\Sysops
  2. C:\Logs\Sysops
  3. D:\Avaya\Logs\PVI
  4. C:\Avaya\Logs\Sysops
Correct answer: A
Reference: (p.26)
Reference: (p.26)
Question 2
You have been asked to install an Avaya Aura® Contact Center High Availability (HA) solution for a customer who already has an existing AACC solution. You have installed the Standby server and entered all of the IP Address information in the HA configuration tool on the existing Primary AACC server. 
What is the next required step?
  1. Install the Replication Server for database replication.
  2. Run the High Availability tool on the Standby Server.
  3. Perform a backup on the Primary server and execute a restore of the backup on the Standby server.
  4. Reboot the Primary and Secondary Server so that they will synchronize.
Correct answer: C
Question 3
A customer has installed Avaya Aura® Contact Center (AACC) on a Platform Vendor Independent (PVI) server. They want to receive real-time data on their client computer via Unicast stream. 
Where do you set the transmission mode for the site to Unicast?
  1. From the CCMS > RSM IP Address window
  2. From Windows > Apps > Manager Administration Configuration > Console Root > Avaya > Applications > CCMA Settings
  3. From Windows > Apps > Manager Administration Configuration > Console Root > Avaya > Applications > Real-Time Reporting > RTR Registry Settings
  4. From the CCMS > RSMConfig
Correct answer: A
Question 4
After a successful installation of Avaya Aura® Contact Center, Avaya releases a patch for this particular site that is required to fix a problem reported for the CCMS. Currently, the service pack AvayaCC_CCMS_7. is installed under CCMS and no roll-up patches have been installed yet. 
What is a valid name for the site specific patch?
  1. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.
  2. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.
  3. AvayaCC_CCMS_7. ServicePack
  4. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.
Correct answer: D
Question 5
For Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) High Availability (HA), you must backup the active server database, restore it onto the standby server and enable shadowing. 
Database shadowing does not work if the difference in time between the active and the standby server database is greater than how many hours?
  1. 72 Hours
  2. 48 Hours
  3. 24 Hours
  4. 12 Hours
Correct answer: C
Question 6
You have increased the multicast time to live value on the Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS). 
After changing the value, which CCMS service must be restarted so that the new value can take effect?
  1. CCMS SDP_Service, the Statistical Data Propagator Service
  2. CCMS RSM_Service, the Real-Time Statistical Manager Service
  3. CCMS RDC_Service, the Real-Time Data Calculator Service
  4. CCMS IS_Service, the Intrinsic Service
Correct answer: A
Question 7
A customer has purchased Avaya Aura® Contact Center (AACC) with the correct licensing to provide Open Queue session licenses, and to provide agent licenses for the required multimedia contact types. 
Where is Open Queue initially enabled in AACC?
  1. Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) > Configuration, Applications > LM Service Configuration Setup tab
  2. Contact Center License Manager > Configuration > Contact Center Licensing tab
  3. CCMS > Multimedia Commissioning > Multimedia Licensing tab
  4. Ignition Wizard configuration > Licensing tab
Correct answer: B
Question 8
The Avaya Aura® Media Server High Availability (HA) feature ensures the uninterrupted availability of media processing and reduces the loss of processing data when an AAMS fails. 
Which three statements regarding the AAMS High Availability (HA) feature are true? (Choose three.)
  1. You can perform a manual failover on the Active AAMS.
  2. You cannot a manual failover on the Active AAMS.
  3. High Availability (HA) is available only if the AAMS servers are installed on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system.
  4. One AAMS HA pair supports up to 1000 agents, without SIP Call Recording.
Correct answer: ACD
Reference: (76)
Reference: (76)
Question 9
Which three Mission Critical High Availability (HA) solutions does Contact Center Release 7 support? (Choose three.)
  1. Mission Critical HA with or without Avaya Aura® platform resiliency
  2. Mission Critical HA with Midsize Enterprise (ME)
  3. Mission Critical HA with Avaya Aura® Unified Communications Virtualized Environment
  4. Mission Critical HA with Midsize Business Template
Correct answer: BCD
Question 10
During the Avaya Aura® Contact Center (AACC) software installations, which tool launches once the UniversalInstaller configuration is successfully completed?
  1. Avaya Aura® Contact Center Configuration Wizard
  2. Avaya Aura® Contact Center Startup Wizard
  3. Avaya Aura® Contact Center Installation Wizard
  4. Avaya Aura® Contact Center Ignition Wizard
Correct answer: D

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