Avaya Exam Dumps

Name Exams Files Updated
3002Avaya IP Office Platform Configuration and Maintenance2Feb 25, 2019
3107Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise Implementation and Maintenance4Apr 10, 2019
3108Avaya Scopia Solution Implementation and Maintenance2Feb 24, 2019
3300Avaya Aura Contact Center Administration3Feb 23, 2019
3301Avaya Aura Contact Center Maintenance and Troubleshooting2Feb 22, 2019
3304Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Implementation and Maintenance1Feb 05, 2018
3308Avaya Contact Recording and Avaya Quality Monitoring R12 Implementation and Maintenance3Feb 20, 2019
3312Avaya Aura Contact Center Administration1Nov 04, 2021
3314Avaya Aura Experience Portal with POM Implementation and Maintenance Exam3Dec 17, 2019
6202Avaya Aura Contact Center Implementation3Mar 01, 2019
6209Avaya Aura Contact Center CCT and Multimedia Implementation5Feb 28, 2019
6210Avaya Aura Contact Center Implementation Exam9May 05, 2021
6211Avaya Aura Contact Center Multimedia Implementation1Nov 04, 2021
7003Avaya Communication Server 1000 for Avaya Aura Implementation5Feb 26, 2019
7004Avaya Communication Server 1000 for Avaya Aura Maintenance5Feb 25, 2019
71201XAvaya Aura Core Components Implement Certified1Mar 15, 2023
7120XAvaya Aura Core Components Integration Exam10Dec 26, 2019
7130XAvaya Aura Communication Applications Integration Exam5Feb 23, 2019
71400XAvaya Equinox Solution with Avaya Aura Collaboration Applications Integration1Apr 14, 2021
7141XAvaya Equinox Solution with Avaya Aura Collaboration Applications Integration Exam4Sep 04, 2019
71800XAvaya IX Messaging Implementation and Maintenance Exam1Feb 22, 2021
7220XAvaya Aura Core Components Support Exam6Feb 21, 2019
72301XAvaya Aura Communication Applications Support Certified Exam1Apr 05, 2023
7230XAvaya Aura Communication Applications7Feb 20, 2019
72400XAvaya Equino Solution with Avaya Aura® Collaboration Applications Support Exam1May 04, 2021
7241XAvaya Equinox Solution with Avaya Aura Collaboration Applications Support Exam4Feb 19, 2019
7303Avaya CallPilot Implementation2Mar 01, 2019
7304Avaya CallPilot Maintenance2Feb 28, 2019
7391xAvaya Aura Call Center Elite and Call Center Elite Multichannel Implementation Exam6Feb 27, 2019
7491XAvaya Aura Call Center Elite and Call Center Elite Multichannel Support Exam6Feb 26, 2019
7492XAvaya Aura Call Center Elite Support5Jan 06, 2022
7495XAvaya Oceana Solution Integration Exam2Apr 01, 2019
7497XAvaya Oceana Solution Support4Feb 25, 2019
7591XAvaya Mobility Networking Solutions Integration3Feb 24, 2019
7593XAvaya Pod Fx Integration Exam2Feb 23, 2019
7693XAvaya Pod Fx Solution Support Exam2Feb 22, 2019
77200XAvaya IP Office Platform Basic Integration and Configuration1May 04, 2021
7750XAvaya IP Office Contact Center Implementation and Expanded Configuration Exam2Oct 12, 2018
7765XAvaya Workforce Optimization Select Implementation and Support Exam4Feb 20, 2019
7893XAvaya IP Office Platform Configuration and Maintenance8Feb 19, 2019

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