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Exam OS X Yosemite 10.10 Troubleshooting
Number 9L0-066
File Name Apple.CertDumps.9L0-066.2017-12-26.1e.65q.vcex
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Posted December 26, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Patrick explains, I am repeatedly prompted to enter my admin password when I am installing OS X( but I do not use a password. I just leave it blank. 
How do I get past this and get OS X installed?" How should you respond?

  • A: Enter 'apple' for the password during installation. You will be prompted to change your password when installation is complete."
  • B: "You can create a Standard user account on the machine, set a password, and install OS X while logged in with that user account"
  • C: The OS X Installer will not accept a blank administrator password. You will need to change the password for that administrator account in the Users & Groups pane of System Preferences before you try to install OS X."
  • D: "You may use your Apple ID password instead of the administrator password when prompted."

Question 2
Which of the following connection interfaces for external drives are supported by Time Machine? SELECT FOUR.

  • A: iPad Classic in disk mode
  • B: USB 2.0
  • C: USB 3.0
  • D: USB 2.0 Drive plugged into Airport Express
  • E: SCSI-S
  • F: FireWire 400/800
  • G: Thunderbolt
  • H: P-ATA
  • I: SuperDrive

Question 3
Gretchen accidentally deleted a file on her MacBook Air while traveling. She backs up regularly to Time Machine, but did not backup while she was away. 
From which location would you recover the deleted file?

  • A: FileVault
  • B: Local Snapshots
  • C: The encrypted Time Machine backup
  • D: The Time Machine folder in /System/Library/

Question 4
On a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) with no peripherals attached, which of the following are services that are able to be configured in Network Preferences? SELECT THREE.

  • A: FireWire
  • B: Thunderbolt Bridge
  • C: Bluetooth
  • D: Wi-Fi
  • E: Ethernet
  • F: Antenna

Question 5
Sarah cannot remember the iCIoud security code associated with iCloud or have access to any other devices with iCIoud Keychain enabled. What can Sarah do next?

  • A: Change the iCIoud password to create a new iCIoud security code.
  • B: Reset the iCIoud Keychain because Apple cannot recover a lost code.
  • C: Create a new iCIoud Keychain on
  • D: Turn iCIoud Keychain off and on to create a new iCIoud security code.

Question 6
Francine changed Internet service providers and just set up the equipment in the home. She is calling you because she is unable to connect to the Internet from her iMac (Late 2013). You probe further to find out that her roommate is able to connect to the Internet using a PC and Francine is able to connect using he iPad 2. Which of the following troubleshooting tools or techniques would you recommend to Francine to help her further diagnose the networking issue with the iMac?

  • A: Restart from the Recovery System and run Network Utility.
  • B: Restart the iMac and reset NVRAM.
  • C: Open System Information to verify that the Wi-Fi card is detected.
  • D: Open the Network pane of System Preferences and click Assist Me.

Question 7
Which of the following is the correct definition of a router?

  • A: A router connects networks together isolating traffic within each network.
  • B: A router is any computer, printer, or other electronic device that could potentially communicate with another device over the network.
  • C: A router is the physical layout of the cables and devices on a network.
  • D: A router allows one computer or device to make requests on behalf of another over a network.

Question 8
Andrew has updated his iPhone 4s to iOS 8. He has set a passcode and signed in to iCIoud. Andrew is trying to Handoff an email from his Mac to his iPhone. Andrew's Mac is running OS X Yosemite and Bluetooth is on. Why is the Mail app not appearing in the corner of the iPhone lock screen?

  • A: The passcode is preventing Mail from completing Handoff.
  • B: The devices are not on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • C: The devices are not paired.
  • D: The iPhone 4s does not support Handoff.

Question 9
Randall is using OS X Yosemite v10.10 on a MacBook Air (Late 2010). He would like to AirDrop a 7GB file to a colleague. The colleague is using OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.5 on an iMac (Early 2009). Randall cannot locate the colleague's iMac in AirDrop. Which of the following is preventing this transfer?

  • A: AirDrop does not support files larger than 5GB.
  • B: The iMac (Early 2009) does not support AirDrop.
  • C: On the MacBook Air, Randall must first click "Don't see who you're looking for?'
  • D: OS X Yosemite cannot AirDrop with OS X Mountain Lion.

Question 10
Select the key combinations used to access the Recovery System and Internet Recovery. SELECT TWO.

  • A: Command-Option-Shift-R
  • B: Command-I-R
  • C: Command-Shift-I
  • D: Command-R
  • E: Option-Command-R



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