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Exam Android Application Engineer Certifications Basic
Number OA0-002
File Name Android.OA0-002.v14-5.2015-10-26.1e.70q.vcex
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Posted October 14, 2017


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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which is the incorrect explanation of an Activity?

  • A: If another Activity is instantiated when the Activity is executed, onPause() will be executed.
  • B: When the Activity is displayed in the foreground, onResume() will be executed.
  • C: When the Activity is displayed again, onRestart() will be executed instead of onStart().
  • D: When the Activity returns from an onPause(), it sometimes can execute from onCreate().
Question 2

Which of these is the incorrect explanation of the androiddebuggable attribute of the AndroidManifest.xm <application> tag?

  • A: If not set, it will be handled as "false".
  • B: It is necessary to set this to "true" in order to use Eclipse's breakpoint function.
  • C: The android:debuggable setup value can be read by an application.
  • D: When releasing the application, deleting android:debuggable is recommended.
Question 3

Which of these is the correct interface definition used to bind a Service?

  • A: AIDL
  • B: IDL
  • C: KML
  • D: XML
Question 4

Which configuration file holds the permission to use GPS?

  • A: Layout file
  • B: Manifest file
  • C: Source file
  • D: Property file
Question 5

Which of these is the correct explanation of BroadcastReceiver?

  • A: The process which BroadcastReceiver makes active will be protected so that it cannot be force- quit.
  • B: BroadcastReceiver will only be assumed active when executing getReceive().
  • C: BroadcastReceiver notifies the source of optional processing results based on the broadcast contact(s).
  • D: BroadcastReceiver displays a user interface.