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Exam Android Security Essentials
Number AND-402
File Name Android.Passit4sure.AND-402.2018-07-28.1e.64q.vcex
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Posted July 28, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which of the following permissions is most dangerous and can cause severe damage to Device?

  • A: BRICK
Question 2

Which of the following is correct about application level permissions?

  • A: They are required to contact with Android Operating system.
  • B: They are required for an Application to perform its operations.
  • C: They are required to create an application.
  • D: They are automatically created.
Question 3

Permissions can be added inside

  • A: AndroidManifest.xml.
  • B: Layout.xml file
  • C: Res folder
  • D: Bin folder
Question 4

Which XML tag is used to make use of protected features of the device?

  • A: <uses sdk>
  • B: <uses–permission>
  • C: <application>
  • D: <permission>
Question 5

Application can send permissions programmatically.

  • A: Depends on developer
  • B: Yes but not all times
  • C: No
  • D: Yes
Question 6

Which of the following is the only Android application component which interacts with user?

  • A: Activity
  • B: Service
  • C: Content Provider
  • D: broadcast Receivers
Question 7

When are permissions enforced in Activities?

  • A: When they launched by Context.startActivity() or Context.startActivityFor Result().
  • B: When method Context.enforcepermission() is called.
  • C: When method Context.stopActivity() is called.
  • D: When Context.checkPermission() is called.
Question 8

Service is an Android component which runs in the background to perform background task.

  • A: True.
  • B: False.
  • C: Depends on the situation.
  • D: Services is not an Android component.
Question 9

Which of the following is correct about Content providers in Android?

  • A: They are used to share data between devices
  • B: They are used to share data between applications
  • C: They are used to share data between applications signed with same certificate
  • D: Data read by content providers are deleted when application closes.
Question 10

Android permissions can be extended by

  • A: Using keyword “extends”.
  • B: Creating custom permissions in manifest file.
  • C: Permissions cannot be extended.
  • D: None are correct.