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Exam Android Application Development
Number AND-401
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Posted April 03, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

What method you should override to use Android menu system?

  • A: onCreateOptionsMenu()
  • B: onCreateMenu()
  • C: onMenuCreated()
  • D: onCreateContextMenu()
Question 2

What Activity method you use to retrieve a reference to an Android view by using the id attribute of a resource XML?

  • A: findViewByReference(int id);
  • B: findViewById(int id)
  • C: retrieveResourceById(int id)
  • D: findViewById(String id)
Question 3

Which of the following is not an Android component (i.e. a point from which the system can enter your application)?

  • A: Service
  • B: Activity
  • C: Layout
  • D: Content Provider
Question 4

During an Activity life-cycle, what is the first callback method invoked by the system?

  • A: onStop()
  • B: onStart()
  • C: onCreate()
  • D: onRestore()
Question 5

Which configuration file holds the permission to use the internet?

  • A: Layout file
  • B: Property file
  • C: Java source file
  • D: Manifest file
Question 6

What does the following line of code achieve? 
Intent intent = new Intent(FirstActivity.this, SecondActivity.class );

  • A: Creates a hidden Intent
  • B: Creates an implicit Intent
  • C: Create an explicit Intent
  • D: Create an explicit Intent
Question 7

Which of the following is NOT a valid usage for Intents?

  • A: Activate and Activity
  • B: Activate a Service
  • C: Activate a Broadcast receiver
  • D: Activate a SQLite DB Connection.
Question 8

Which of the following is not a valid Android resource file name?

  • A: mylayout.xml
  • B: myLayout.xml
  • C: my_layout.xml
  • D: mylayout1.xml
Question 9

Which of these is not defined as a process state?

  • A: Non-visible
  • B: Visible
  • C: Foreground
  • D: Background
Question 10

What is the name of the folder that contains the file?

  • A: src
  • B: res
  • C: bin
  • D: gen