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Exam Alcatel-Lucent Triple Play Services
Number 4A0-109
File Name Alcatel-Lucent.certkey.4A0-109.2018-06-02.1e.102q.vcex
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Posted June 02, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
In the case of PPPoE, the local-user-database can NOT be used for which of the following?

  • A: Authenticating clients
  • B: Defining a ppp-policy
  • C: Defining an SLA-profile
  • D: Setting an IPv6 address

Question 2
Which of the following is NOT part of an unique subscriber instance?

  • A: Subscriber ID
  • B: Subscriber MAC address
  • C: Sub-profile
  • D: SLA-profile

Question 3
When using a RADIUS server to obtain subscriber parameters and a DHCP mechanism to obtain IP addresses, which DHCP message triggers a RADIUS request?

  • A: DHCPAck
  • B: DHCP Offer
  • C: DHCP Discover
  • D: DHCP Request
  • E: DHCP Renew

Question 4
For which entity does the command session-limit specify the number of PPPoE hosts allowed?

  • A: VPRN service
  • B: Subscriber interface
  • C: Group interface
  • D: SAP

Question 5
What are the three parameters that can be used to map the right scheduler policy and QoS policy to a subscriber under Enhanced Subscriber Management?

  • A: Subscriber identity. QoS policy defined on a SAP, accounting policy defined on a SAP
  • B: Subscriber identity, subscriber profile, security policy for a subscriber
  • C: Subscriber identity, subscriber profile, SLA profile
  • D: Subscriber identity, subscriber identity policy, SLA profile

Question 6
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a capture SAP?

  • A: It is always configured in a VPLS.
  • B: It is required on each physical port where the M-SAP is to reside.
  • C: It requires manual configuration.
  • D: It is required to be in the same service instance as the M-SAP.

Question 7
Upon successful authentication from the RADIUS server in a Bridged CO environment, which of the following is not used for the M-SAP creation?

  • A: The M-SAP ID returned by the RADIUS.
  • B: The M-SAP policy returned by the RADIUS.
  • C: The port and VLAN that the DHCP Discover message arrived on.
  • D: The M-SAP service ID returned by RADIUS.

Question 8
Where the following command can be configured trigger-packet dhcp dhcp6 pppoe?

  • A: In the BSAN, under the VLAN setup.
  • B: In the BSA, under a SAP of the VPLS.
  • C: In the BNG, under a managed SAP of the IES.
  • D: In the BNG, under a capture SAP of the VPRN.

Question 9
A capture SAP is configured in VPLS 1 on a dot1q port; one managed SAP (M-SAP) has been instantiated successfully in VPLS 2 with a VLAN-ID of 2. But now, non-trigger traffic reaches the capture SAP on VLAN 100, what will happen to this traffic?

  • A: It will be forwarded to the default service.
  • B: It will be dropped by the VPLS 1.
  • C: It will be dropped by the service that already has the M-SAP created.
  • D: It will be forwarded to the CPU (SFM/CPM card) for further investigation.

Question 10
Which of the following is a trigger to setup an L2TP Tunnel?

  • A: LCP phase
  • B: CHAP phase
  • C: IPCP phase
  • D: PPPoE discovery phase



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