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Exam Alcatel-Lucent Services Architecture
Number 4A0-104
File Name Alcatel-Lucent.Pass4sure.4A0-104.2017-12-29.1e.288q.vcex
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Posted April 10, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

VPWS allows carriers to offer services such as point-to-point frame-relay, ATM, and Ethernet on a single platform without the need for multiple overlay networks.

  • A: TRUE
  • B: FALSE
Question 2

Which of the following best describes a VPLS?

  • A: Layer 3 direct Internet access service
  • B: Layer 2 point-to-point service
  • C: Layer 2 multipoint-to-multipoint service
  • D: Layer 3 IP multipoint-to-multipoint VPN service
Question 3

Which of the following is NOT a VPWS service supported on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR?

  • A: Epipe
  • B: Fpipe
  • C: Apipe
  • D: Ipipe
  • E: Cpipe
  • F: Gpipe
Question 4

A service can be either local or distributed.

  • A: TRUE
  • B: FALSE
Question 5

When configuring distributed services across a network, it is considered best practice to configure which of the following parameters as globally significant? (Choose 2)

  • A: SDP ID
  • B: Service ID
  • C: Customer ID
  • D: SAP ID
Question 6

When a physical port is configured for null encapsulation, many SAPs can be configured using that port.

  • A: TRUE
  • B: FALSE
Question 7

Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding SAPs?

  • A: VPWS: SAPs can be defined on Ethernet, POS, Sonet/SDH, or TDM channels.
  • B: VPWS: Two SAPs are defined for a service that originates and terminates on the same Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR
  • C: VPLS: More than two SAPs can be defined in a service.
  • D: VPWS: SAPs are associated with an IP interface.
Question 8

SAPs in an Epipe service can only be configured on Ethernet ports

  • A: TRUE
  • B: FALSE
Question 9

Which of the following commands is used to configure the encapsulation type of an Ethernet port?

  • A: configure ethernetencap-typedot1q|null|qinq port port-id
  • B: configure service port port-id ethemetencap-typedot1q|null|qinq create
  • C: configure port port-id Ethernet encap-type dot1q|null|qmq
  • D: configure service service-id Ethernet encap-type dot1q|null|qinq create
Question 10

Which of the following best describes a distributed Epipe Service?

  • A: An Epipe that has 2 or more SDPs configured.
  • B: An Epipe that has 3 or more SAPs configured.
  • C: An Epipe that has 2 SAPs on the same node but no SDPs configured
  • D: An Epipe that is configured between two nodes, each having 1 SAP and 1 SDP configured.