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Exam Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner
Number 9A0-412
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Posted May 16, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An analyst needs to share a Workspace with a select group of individuals that may change over time. Which process should the analyst follow?

  • A: Add the Workspace to the user group from the Admin console
  • B: Share the Workspace with the user group from within the Workspace
  • C: Select the “Share” option and add each individual that needs to access the project from the Workspace
  • D: Select the “Share” option, create a new custom group for the set of users and share the project with that group from the Workspace

Question 2
A Business Practitioner needs to report on event5 by site section using a custom variable for day of week. 
Which option allows the Business Practitioner to most efficiently achieve this goal?

  • A: Use the day of week conversion variable with full subrelations and instances
  • B: Use the day of week conversion variable and subrelate by site section with event5
  • C: Use the day of week traffic variable and correlate by site section with event5
  • D: Use the day of week traffic variable and participation metrics

Question 3
The Analyst needs to segment Data Warehouse report for mobile visits from the social, media channel. In the segment manager of Adobe Analytics following segments exist:
Social media visits (visits where the marketing channel is social media) 
Mobile visits (visits where mobile device exists) 
What should the analyst do to segment the data warehouse report for mobile visits from the social media channel?

  • A: Create a new segment for mobile visits from the social media channel
  • B: Configure the data warehouse request so that two data sets are returned, one with each segment applied
  • C: Use segment stacking to combine both segments above and apply that to the Data Warehouse request
  • D: Export two files of “mobile” and “social media channel” and use Excel to manipulate the data

Question 4
An analyst need to evaluate the “greatest gifts” email campaign. The following variables are available in Adobe Analytics:
s.campaign: Tracking Code (using the “cid” parameter) – 30-day expiration. Last Touch
prop1: Full Page URL
eVar1: Full Page URL – 30-day expiration. Last Touch
Pages: Custom page name
When the campaign was launched, the landing page URL was as follows:
How can the analyst report on revenue from the “greatest gifts” campaign for the last 30 days?

  • A: Run the Tracking Code report with the campaign name “greatest gifts”
  • B: Create a visitor-based segment where page name contains “greatest%20gifts” and trend revenue
  • C: Create a visitor-based segment where eVar1 contains “greatest%20gifts” and trend revenue
  • D: Run the Marketing Channel report for the Email channel

Question 5
As part of the checkout process of an e-commerce site, the following pages and events are being set in the order shown:
Page Name: Start Checkout – event1
Page Name: Shipping Information – event2
Page Name: Payment Information – event3
Page Name: Review Order – event4
Page Name: Purchase Confirmation – event5
The analyst needs to create a report that the company can use to determine the page in the checkout process where visitors have the highest rate and where visitors go after falling out of the funnel. 
What should the analyst use to create this report?

  • A: Custom event funnel in Reports
  • B: Adobe Report Builder
  • C: Full Paths report
  • D: Analysis Workspace

Question 6
How can the analyst correctly display “homepage” traffic? 


  • A: Use unique page names
  • B: Shorten the page names
  • C: Use the page URL only
  • D: Classify the page names

Question 7
An analyst needs to create a report that trends multiple metrics in a single chart. These metrics need to be added to a standard Adobe Analytics dashboard. 
How should the analyst create this report?

  • A: Create a Key Metrics report with the required metrics and add that report to the dashboard
  • B: Create a Trended Metrics report with the required metrics and add that report to the dashboard
  • C: Create a visualization with multiple metrics in Workspace and add that to the dashboard
  • D: Create a trend of multiple metrics in Report Builder and add that to the dashboard

Question 8
The analyst needs to the deliver a daily report that details a full list of the most popular products as they were sold by their merchandising categories. Products can belong to multiple merchandising categories and sub categories. 
Which statement below best explains why the daily scheduled delivery of a report direct from the Adobe Data Warehouse would be a better choice than scheduled report from Adobe Analytics Reports?

  • A: Adobe Data Warehouse can provide all combinations of products, categories and sub categories
  • B: Adobe Data Warehouse can provide better data visualization in a delivered report
  • C: Adobe Data Warehouse is the only location where reporting drill downs can occur
  • D: Adobe Data Warehouse is the only tool that can deliver scheduled daily reports

Question 9
What are two possible ways to provide a segmented view of the data in Adobe Analytics? (Choose two.)

  • A: Create a new workspace
  • B: Create and apply a segment
  • C: Create a virtual group and apply a segment to their view of the data
  • D: Create a virtual report suite based on a segment

Question 10
The social media manager sent an email to the analyst claiming that the latest report received has a lot lower conversion attribution to the organic social channel than expected. The analyst started to investigate and saw the information shown in the exhibit in the marketing channel manager:

What step should the analyst take next?

  • A: Examine the report of question as the marketing channel manager has no effect on the social organic conversion attribution
  • B: Suggest adding a new organic social channel to the rule set as it is missing
  • C: Investigate the conversion tracking as the marketing channel manager is set correctly.
  • D: Explain to the social media manager that the last period had a low traffic from organic social



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