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Exam Adobe Campaign Developer
Number 9A0-389
File Name ADOBE.9A0-389.2017-02-22.1e.50q.vcex
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Posted November 08, 2017


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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which Illustrator feature allows you to export Illustrator layers to HTML with absolute positioning and with the ability to overlap each other?

  • A: Slices
  • B: Guides
  • C: Symbols
  • D: CSS Layers
Question 2

What should you do if you are creating graphics that will be used only on the Web?

  • A: work in RGB color mode
  • B: work in CMYK color mode
  • C: compress continuous-tone images with a broad range of subtle variations in brightness and hue with the GIF file format
  • D: use the JPEG file format to maintain high quality, vector images that will be used for creating animation frames on the Web
Question 3

You have created artwork for the Web using your two company colors.
Which format and settings from the Save for Web dialog box should you choose for optimization?

  • A: JPEG
  • B: PNG - 8
  • C: GIF; Web
  • D: GIF; selective
Question 4

You have created a document that contains your company logo using spot colors and an imported photograph of your business location. This document will be used on your website home page so flexibility in choosing image compression is a prerequisite. Which file format should you choose?

  • A: GIF
  • B: PNG
  • C: SVG
  • D: JPEG
Question 5

You are creating an SWF animation and want to reduce the size of your file.
What should you do?

  • A: use Symbols
  • B: use Variables
  • C: choose Object > Blend > Expand
  • D: choose Object > Blend > Release