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Exam Adobe Campaign Developer
Number 9A0-389
File Name ADOBE.9A0-389.2017-02-20.1e.60q.vcex
Size 211 Kb
Posted November 08, 2017


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Demo Questions

Question 1

You select an area of an image by using the magic wand tool. Which statement is true?

  • A: The magic wand tool can be used in any mode.
  • B: To add to a selection, hold down the Shift key and click in an unselected area.
  • C: To select all pixels using the same colors, select Contiguous from the options bar.
  • D: To select colors very similar to the pixel you selected, enter a high value for tolerance.
Question 2

You want to create a selection by using the Elliptical Marquee tool. Which key should you press to reposition the marquee while still drawing it?

  • A: A
  • B: Shift
  • C: Spacebar
  • D: Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS)
Question 3

You have selected an area of an image with the rectangular marquee tool. You want to remove a portion of the selection by using the same tool. Which icon should you click to subtract from a selection?

  • A: Icon A
  • B: Icon B
  • C: Icon C
  • D: Icon D
Question 4

You have made a selection around a circular area in an image by using the Elliptical Marquee tool. You want only the perimeter of the circle to be selected.
Which command should you use?

  • A: choose Select > Similar
  • B: choose Select > Inverse
  • C: choose Select > Modify > Border
  • D: Choose Select > Transform Selection
Question 5

You want to round the corners of a rectangular marquee you have made without affecting the selection's edge. What should you do?

  • A: choose Select > Feather
  • B: choose Select > Modify > Border
  • C: choose Select > Modify > Smooth
  • D: enter a value for Feather in the tool options bar and press Enter