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Exam Adobe Experience Manager 6 Business Practitioner
Number 9A0-388
File Name ADOBE.pass4sures.9A0-388.2018-06-19.1e.22q.vcex
Size 148 Kb
Posted June 19, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An organization has product descriptions appropriate for all countries. How would you allow a surfer access to these generic descriptions, while staying within their own country's web site? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A: Modify the rollout configuration
  • B: Be sure the content is copied everywhere
  • C: Offer the content as optional on the source site
  • D: Do NOT use the multi-site manager

Question 2
Which action CANNOT be performed on an asset in a default asset share page? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A: Move
  • B: Tag
  • C: View
  • D: Upload to the Creative Cloud

Question 3
Which is the best use case for the new Touch UI in AEM 6.0? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A: Building a separate mobile web site
  • B: Author creating content on a touch based device
  • C: End User viewing a site on a touch based device
  • D: Building a responsive web site

Question 4
Which statement about versioning is true? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A: Versions can be created manually, via the “Properties” dialog of the page.
  • B: A version is a simple snapshot of a page at a specific point in time.
  • C: After making a change to a page, a new version is automatically created.

Question 5
For the owner of a corporate website, what is the benefit of using social profiles such as Facebook and Twitter? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A: Social profiles are only for users to share product pages on Twitter.
  • B: By using such a profile for user authentication on a corporate website, the marketer will be able to provide customized user experience based on the social account data such as location, name, birth date, and individual preferences.
  • C: By using such a profile the marketer can collect private data for private purposes.
  • D: Social profiles are only for users to interact with other users.

Question 6
Which statement about integrating AEM with Social media is true? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A: Using the out of the box Social Connect control displays login status and user information.
  • B: Using the out of the box Social Login control, you can only use social accounts to login.
  • C: AEM provides permission based controls to monitor social activity, and manage user generated content.
  • D: AEM provides out of the box components for integrating with YouTube.

Question 7
What would be the best way to process credit card transactions in an AEM site? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A: Using an external system
  • B: Using JavaScript
  • C: Using the shopping cart component
  • D: Storing credit card information in the JCR

Question 8
Where can a forum component be located within an AEM site? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A: Anywhere on the site
  • B: On a separate forum server
  • C: Only within a social AEM page
  • D: Only on a page that is set up to login with Facebook credentials.

Question 9
Which technologies can be used to develop front end AEM Components? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A: JSPs
  • B: Sightly and JavaScript
  • C: Sightly and Java
  • D: All of the above

Question 10
What is the best way to add a large number of digital assets to the DAM? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A: Upload the assets to the Creative Cloud
  • B: Use a Sling servlet
  • C: Add each asset one by one
  • D: Use WebDav



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