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Exam Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 Architect
Number 9A0-385
File Name Adobe Experience Manager 6-0 Architect.Exam-Files-com.9A0-385.v5-6.2016-01-15.1e.41q.vcex
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Posted January 15, 2016
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A client acquires multiple companies that operate autonomously and want to use AEM to host all of their websites.
How should the author users be grouped?

  • A: Company-specific groups for workflow approval steps and general groups for content editing
  • B: General groups for workflow approval and content editing
  • C: Separate company-specific groups for both content editing and workflow approval steps
  • D: Default AEM groups for workflow approval and company-specific groups for content editing

Question 2
An architect is conducting a discovery on a client's current CMS implementation. The architect must identify which functionality is missing from the client's current implementation.
What should the architect do?

  • A: Use documentation provided by the client
  • B: Speak to the key stakeholders about how to use the system
  • C: Speak to the IT department about how the system is built
  • D: Gain access to the system and review code

Question 3
A financial institution is identified as a business user. AEM/Campaigns/Segmentation rules must be based on the traits/data provided from the back end of the system.
Which two types of information must be captured in the discovery session? (Choose two.)

  • A: Whether any traits are combined to establish a segment
  • B: Format in which segmentation traits are retrieved
  • C: Keys/values for segmentation traits
  • D: How back end service is integrated to retrieve customer data

Question 4
Which type of architecture diagram should an architect use to present application code and content flow?

  • A: Deployment
  • B: Physical
  • C: Data Flow
  • D: Logical

Question 5
A client's security team needs protection from repository content modification outside of its network on its publish servers.
What provides the LEAST protection against this specific threat?

  • A: Disabling Sling POST Servlet and WebDAV functionality
  • B: Using Dispatcher filter rules to block access to /apps and /libs
  • C: Enforcing very strong passwords on all systems and using SSL
  • D: White-listing specific HTTP methods and URIs required for application functionality

Question 6
In AEM 5.6 and above, which two scenarios require that the Sling Referrer Filter's default configuration be changed? (Choose two.)

  • A: A JavaScript widget on an external website will be posting comments to an AEM page.
  • B: Automated scripts, using the curl command, will be executing HTTP PUT requests.
  • C: The SAML Authentication Handler is used to authenticate users.
  • D: The system host name does not match the external DNS name.

Question 7
A project has a fixed budget and a deployment date that can NOT be moved. To meet these requirements, the architect must perform two steps after the go-live date.
Which two steps should the architect choose? (Choose two.)

  • A: Performance testing
  • B: Unit testing
  • C: Tough day testing
  • D: Integration testing

Question 8
A company's entertainment website contains the following features:
A homepage with a consistent toolbar and listing of articles by category A community page
Individual article pages containing a combination of text and images.
End users are able to create new forums, browse article by category, log in using a modal dialog box, and search from the toolbar.
How many AEM templates should the architect create?

  • A: Ten
  • B: Seven
  • C: Five
  • D: Three

Question 9
Which three tasks can users achieve with AEM Dispatcher? (Choose three.)

  • A: Provide load balancing
  • B: Poll AEM for content invalidation
  • C: Secure AEM application
  • D: Cache HTML content

Question 10
A customer is introducing blog and forum functionality. To handle the moderation of data between the publisher and author instances, the customer needs to add reverse replication agents. The architect must create documentation based on a proposed solution architecture.
Which two architectural diagrams should the architect modify?

  • A: Logical
  • B: Physical
  • C: Conceptual
  • D: Data Flow



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