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Exam Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 Architect
Number 9A0-385
File Name Adobe Experience Manager 6-0 Architect.Braindumps.9A0-385.2018-06-20.1e.24q.vcex
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Posted June 20, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer is introducing blog and forum functionality. To handle the moderation of data between the publisher and author instances, the customer needs to add 
reverse replication agents. The architect must create documentation based on a proposed solution architecture. 
Which two architectural diagrams should the architect modify? 

  • A: Logical
  • B: Physical
  • C: Conceptual
  • D: Data Flow

Question 2
AEM installs default groups and users. 
Which two concepts should the architect know about the admin, anonymous, and author users? (Choose two.)

  • A: Keep all three users as default
  • B: All default accounts should be deleted.
  • C: Modifying the anonymous account creates additional security implications.
  • D: Change the password for the admin account from the default.

Question 3
A news company uses AEM to manage content. The company initially plans to provide news only to subscribers within Australia. Six months later, the company expands into the wider Asia region and requires Chinese and Korean language options. The architect must create a solution for a CMS with a multi-lingual requirement. 
What is the most important factor for the architect to consider?

  • A: Creating a new language location for the dictionary
  • B: Translation workflows
  • C: Maintaining a common look and feel
  • D: Site structure

Question 4
An architect is integrating a customer's AEM authoring system to authenticate with the company's Active Directory (AD) directory service. The architect must configure the LoginModule used by the identity provider. 
Which Java security framework should the architect use?

  • A: OWASP
  • B: PAM
  • C: JAAS
  • D: Apache Shiro

Question 5
An architect needs to document the flow of content from a system that provides real-time stock quotes to an AFM system for display. The documentation must show how each server communicates and which ports are used. 
Which architectural diagram should the architect modify?

  • A: Conceptual
  • B: Physical
  • C: Logical
  • D: Data Flow

Question 6
A client installs AEM using an application server. The architect must implement HTTPS in the client's QA environment with an application server as well. 
Which three AEM components/configurations must be changed relative to the QA environment? (Choose three.) 

  • A: Add secure flag to dispatcher configuration file
  • B: Install the SSL version of the dispatcher
  • C: Configure the CQ servlet engine HTTP service to use SSL using the company certificate
  • D: Configure replication agents to use SSL

Question 7
Which two requirements typically involve integration with a third-party service?

  • A: Approval Workflow
  • B: Federated Authentication
  • C: Coordinate-Based Store Locator
  • D: Watermarked Image Generation

Question 8
A brick-and-mortar company purchases AEM. 
Which application component is NOT well suited to be implemented in AEM?

  • A: Store finder as AEM does NOT integrate with Google Maps.
  • B: Store finder as AEM does NOT support geospatial search.
  • C: Training video site section as AEM is unable to record user interactions.
  • D: Training video site section as AEM does NOT bundle a video player.

Question 9
An architect must use metrics from a client's existing CMS environments. 
Which metric is LEAST valuable?

  • A: CMS storage requirements
  • B: Average daily requests of users visiting the site
  • C: CPU clock speed of the servers
  • D: Percentage of requests offloaded by the CDN

Question 10
A small public sector organization needs helps planning the architectural design of its AEM system. The reorganization's few staff members resist learning new technologies. 
What is the most important factor for the architect to consider while planning the system design?

  • A: Performance
  • B: Usability
  • C: High Availability
  • D: Extensibility
  • E: Low Maintenance



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