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Exam Adobe Experience Manager 6 Developer
Number 9A0-384
File Name ADOBE.CertDumps.9A0-384.2018-01-15.1e.50q.vcex
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Posted January 15, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which property should be used to find the repository where the configuration changes made in the Web Console are saved?

  • A: Persistent Identity (PID)
  • B: Reference Repository
  • C:
  • D:

Question 2
How do you disable the “Target” context menu item on components in AEM 6.0?

  • A: Set the property “cq:disable Targeting” to true on the dialog node.
  • B: Set the property “cq:disable Targeting” to true on thecomponent node.
  • C: Set the property “cq:disable Targeting” to true on the cq:editConfig node.
  • D: Set the property “cq:disable Targeting” to true on thecq:editConfig/cq:listeners node.

Question 3
Which statement about the usage of declarative services while creating an OSGi component is true?

  • A: ©Property annotation is used to reference to other services from the component by component runtime
  • B: ©Reference annotation is optional and used to define properties available to the component
  • C: ©Component annotation is the only required annotation and missing which will NOT declare the class as component
  • D: ©Service annotation is required and describes which service Interface Is served by the component

Question 4
Which three statements about replicate permissions on a resource are true? (Choose three).

  • A: The replication rights are evaluated bottom-up in the node tree.
  • B: The allow replication rights has higher precedence than deny replication rights.
  • C: To grant replication rights to a user on any resource, user has to have read permissions for/etc/replication, /bin.
  • D: The allow replication rights has lower precedence than deny replication rights.

Question 5
What are three causes if Dispatcher stopped updating cache files in the cache directory on the Webserver? (Choose three).

  • A: The request to the page in question contain query string parameters.
  • B: The request to the page in question has authorization headers and dispatcher.any does not contain \allowAuthorized.
  • C: Dispatcher Flush agent is disabled on publish instance.
  • D: The request URI of the page in question should always start with /content.

Question 6
In a typical author, publish and dispatcher setup,where is the dispatcher flush configured?

  • A: In the author instance.
  • B: In the publish instance.
  • C: In the dispatcher module.
  • D: At the webserver level.

Question 7
Which jar name can NOT be used to install an AEM publish instance?

  • A: aem-publish-p4503, jar
  • B: cq5-publish-4505, jar
  • C: cq5-publish-4503, jar
  • D: cq5-publish_4503, jar

Question 8
Which property is deprecated while resolving a template (T) that can be used as a template for page (P)?

  • A: cq:allowedTemplates property of the jcr:contentsubnode of P or an ancestor of P
  • B: allowedPaths property of T
  • C: allowedParents property of T
  • D: allowedChildren property of the template of P

Question 9
Assume there are multiple publish instances (publ,pub2 and pub3) serving requests for an online shopping site. The end user is allowed to provide reviews and comments for each product and about their shopping experience. The Dispatcher module is in place to load balance the requests to publish instances and there is only one author instance, named author, where content editors create the pages. When a user, named User A, provides comments and the request being served by publish Instance publ, in which three ways are these comments replicated to pub2 and pub3? (Choose three.)

  • A: Configure the dispatcher flush for the author pointing to a webserver uri on which the Dispatcheris deployed and configured.
  • B: Configure replication agents for the author pointing to publ, pub2 and pub3.
  • C: Configure reverse replication agents for the author pointing to publ, pub2 and pub3.
  • D: Configure a static agent for the author.

Question 10
Which template allowed Paths expression would allow a page to be created with the path/ content / main / page1/ page2?

  • A: /content/main/?
  • B: /content/main/[^/]+(/,*)?
  • C: /content/main/[A/]+[A/]
  • D: /content/main/*



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