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Exam Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner
Number 9A0-381
File Name ADOBE.PracticeDumps.9A0-381.2018-01-14.1e.59q.vcex
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Posted January 14, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You want to access Content Consumption (Page Views/Visits) per Pages, Site Sections and Site Sub Sections. You have a separate custom traffic variable reserved for each of the reports. What is the best way to ensure that the Content Consumption calculated metric is available for all three reports?

  • A: You only need to build it once and it will become available for all three reports
  • B: Build that calculated metric three times, once in each report.
  • C: That metric is only available for Pages so you will be unable to apply it to Site Sections or Sub Sections
  • D: Choose the “copy” feature in the calculated metric builder to propagate the metric from one report to the other

Question 2
You are using a filter to eliminate a select group of line items. What does the metric total number represent?

  • A: The total including the line items that are not filtered.
  • B: The site total for the selected metric
  • C: The percentage of the filtered line items compared against the Report Suite total
  • D: The total of the line items filtered

Question 3
Which statement summarizes the reporting possibilities for subrelations?

  • A: You can drill down multiple levels deep and choose up to 10 metrics for display
  • B: You can drill down only one level deep and choose up to 10 metrics for display
  • C: You can drill down only one level deep and only get to choose one metric
  • D: You can drill down multiple levels deep but you only get to use the Instances metric

Question 4
What are the maximum number of items that can be displayed in a Trended graph?

  • A: 1
  • B: 5
  • C: 10
  • D: 30

Question 5
Which statement about Classification reports is NOT true?

  • A: Classified reports are used to provide friendly names to key values
  • B: Classified reports can be applied to every variable
  • C: Classified reports are controlled by an admin
  • D: Classified reports are used to group key values to higher level categories

Question 6
You are building a segment based only on Events in the Segment Canvas. Which two containers can you use? (Choose two.)

  • A: Events
  • B: Visitors
  • C: Visits
  • D: Hits

Question 7
A visitor demonstrates the following behavior in terms of time spent:

What is the average time spent on page A?

  • A: 12.5 minutes
  • B: 25 minutes
  • C: 20 minutes
  • D: 15 minutes

Question 8
Click the Exhibit tab to see the exhibit. 

It is August 8 and you run a report for Last week. Which days will be included in the report?

  • A: July 29 through August 2
  • B: August 2 through August 8
  • C: July 28 through August 3
  • D: August 1 through August 7

Question 9
Click the Exhibit button to see the exhibit. 

Which report interpretation is inconclusive?

  • A: Most visitors purchase products on their 3rd visit to the site.
  • B: 11.3 % of total registrations are completed on visitors’ 1st visit to the site.
  • C: Most registrations are completed during visitors’ 3rd visit to the site.
  • D: Most visitors wait until their 3rd visit to the site to convert.

Question 10
How many unique line items are accessible in a ranked report every calendar month?

  • A: 50,000
  • B: 100,000
  • C: 250,000
  • D: 500,000



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