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Exam Adobe Captivate? 5.5 ACE Exam
Number 9A0-164
File Name ADOBE.PracticeTest.9A0-164.2018-07-30.1e.95q.vcex
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Posted July 30, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

You are creating a branching course. Which is the most effective workspace to use for this project?

  • A: Classic
  • B: Effects
  • C: Navigation
  • D: Review
Question 2

You modify the Classic workspace according to your project requirements.  Later, you want to go back to the default Classic settings. What should you do?

  • A: Choose Window > Workspace > Classic.
  • B: Choose Window > Workspace > Reset Classic.
  • C: Choose File > Workspace > Classic.
  • D: Choose File > Workspace > Reset Classic.
Question 3

You want to combine multiple projects and publish them using Aggregator. What should you do?

  • A: Ensure that all project filenames have no spaces.
  • B: Ensure that all of the modules have been published as SWF.
  • C: Ensure that all of the modules have been published as EXE.
  • D: Create a master slide with click boxes that link to each project.
Question 4

Which is the extension of a project created using Aggregator?

  • A: CPTA
  • B: CPTX
  • C: SWF
  • D: AGGR
Question 5

Which two slide placeholders can be added to project templates? (Choose two.)

  • A: Recording Slide Placeholder
  • B: Image Slide Placeholder
  • C: Animation Slide Placeholder
  • D: Question Slide Placeholder
  • E: PowerPoint Slide Placeholder
Question 6

What is the difference between a project template and a master slide?

  • A: Project templates can contain master slides; master slides cannot contain templates.
  • B: Project templates cannot contain master slides; master slides can contain templates.
  • C: Placeholders can be used in master slides but not in project templates.
  • D: Placeholders cannot be used in project templates.
Question 7

You have created a course using a project template that contains a caption placeholder for onscreen text. How will you add text to this placeholder?

  • A: Choose Edit > Add Text to Placeholder.
  • B: Right-click the placeholder and select Add Text to Placeholder.
  • C: Double-click the placeholder.
  • D: In the Properties Inspector, under General accordion, click Add Text to Placeholder.
Question 8

Your company standards state that the corporate logo must be used in all the content you create. How should you implement this in your eLearning course?

  • A: Add the logo to the Master slide.
  • B: Paste the logo on all the slides.
  • C: Paste the logo on the first slide and select the timing as rest of the slide.
  • D: Make the logo as a background image for all the slides.
Question 9

Which is the most efficient way to add watermark text to all slides in an image slideshow project?

  • A: Add text on the first slide and select the timing as rest of the slide.
  • B: Add text to the slide, right-click and choose Merge with the Background.
  • C: Add text to all the slides and change the properties of the text using Object Styles.
  • D: Add text to master slide, select all the slides and in the properties panel, select Master Slide Objects on Top.
Question 10

Which statement about master slides is true?

  • A: You can modify the timing information in the master slide timeline.
  • B: You can insert background audio to the master slide.
  • C: You can add a standard button to the master slide.
  • D: You can add a rollover image to the master slide.