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Exam VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7 - Desktop and Mobility Design
Number 3V0-752
File Name VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7 -Desktop and Mobility Design.passguide.3V0-752.2019-03-31.1e.58q.vcex
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Posted March 31, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A company has several applications that are being moved to a Horizon environment. An architect has been given several application types and is designing an environment to accommodate all of the applications. 
List of applications:
   WebSeller – a cloud-based application that is single sign-on capable. 
  RoloContact – a Windows application that utilizes an Internet Explorer 6 and an IE plugin, but needs to be deployed to Windows 8 desktops. 
  AppOffice – a group of Windows based application that needs to be deployed together to an existing View linked clone desktop pool for the remote sales team. 
  RelationCRM – a server-based application that is currently accessed via RDP. 
Match each application with its appropriate deployment method.  

Question 2
A customer has an aging storage array that must be replaced. The array is used by VMware hosts in their data center. The storage array is under warranty, but the hosts are all out of warranty. The customer wants new hardware running Horizon 7, and is open to a hyperconverged solution. The project must take place with minimal-to-no disruption during normal business hours. The CIO states there is a maximum budget of $600, 000 for the project. The IT Director says their UPS units were replaced last year and they don’t need to be updated. The existing racks are heavily populated, with limited rack units remaining and no additional datacenter floorspace for another rack. 
Match the statements taken from the scenario with its correct design category. 

Question 3
The IT team for a small government organization wants to deploy Horizon Apps. 
It needs to provide Windows desktops to two groups of users. 
Most users only need a few Windows applications. 
It wants to minimize storage space required. 
It determined that they need 4 RDS Hosts, but more will be needed in the next 6 to 8 weeks. 
It installed and configured RDS on a Windows server VM, installed the Horizon Agent, and then the Windows applications. 
What steps must the organization perform next to create a scalable and flexible Horizon Apps deployment?

  • A: 1. Create a manual Horizon RDS Farm 
    2. Clone the RDS VM 4 times 
    3. Create and entitle an RDS desktop pool 
    4. Create and entitle RDS application pools
  • B: 1. Create an automated Horizon RDS Farm 
    2. Select the RDS VM with the Horizon Agent 
    3. Create and entitle two RDS desktop pools 
    4. Create and entitle RDS application pools
  • C: 1. Create an automated Horizon RDS Farm 
    2. Select the RDS VM with the Horizon Agent 
    3. Create and entitle an RDS desktop pool 
    4. Create and entitle RDS application pools
  • D: 1. Clone the RDS VM 4 times 
    2. Create a manual Horizon RDS Farm 
    3. Create and entitle two RDS desktop pools 
    4. Create and entitle RDS application pools

Question 4
A security team is implementing VMware Identity Manager to have a central point for authentication to facilitate access to its company’s applications. The team would like to have users to authenticate to VMware Identity Manager before being able to connect to a Horizon View Desktop. 
What can be done to ensure that users who try to authenticate to the Horizon View Connection brokers are forced to first authenticate to VMware Identity Manager?

  • A: Create a SAML authenticator in Horizon View and set it to “Allowed.”
  • B: Configure View advanced authentication to “Allowed” on the Horizon View Connection broker and create a Kerberos authenticator on VMware Identity Manager.
  • C: Configure View authentication to “Not Allowed” on the Horizon View Connection broker and create a Kerberos authenticator on VMware Identity Manager.
  • D: Create a SAML authenticator in Horizon View and set it to “Required.”

Question 5
A customer is struggling with how to support application delivery to its highly mobile sales force. There are two Windows applications that need to be delivered, which could present a challenge. Both applications use a local copy of the central database and the applications are frequently being updated. 
During assessments and user interviews, the sales personnel indicated that they frequently use these two applications while traveling in areas with poor connectivity. The sales people rarely connect to the company network. Pushing out updates using a traditional deployment system is therefore difficult. 
Which solution from VMware would solve the customer’s situation?

  • A: Package the applications as an App Volumes Appstack. Manage delivery and updates off the Appstack using VMware Identity Manager.
  • B: Package the applications using ThinApp and manage delivery and updates using VMware Identity Manager.
  • C: Install the applications on RDS Hosts and publish them using Horizon 7. Since installed centrally, management of the applications will now be possible using traditional methods.
  • D: Package the application using ThinApp for isolation and publish them to users using Horizon 7. Place the ThinApp packages on a network share for central and easy updates.

Question 6
The CIO of a company has asked that a review of all user’s applications be undertaken to improve storage usage. After the review, it was found that a number of applications are used by several different organizations within the company. These applications are currently all installed in all of the different master images, making each of the master images very large. 
What VMware technology would improve storage usage?

  • A: VMware FLEX
  • B: VMware Mirage
  • C: Horizon Published Applications
  • D: VMware Identity Manager

Question 7
A customer is deploying Horizon View 7.1 utilizing a Cloud Prod Architecture. The customer wants to utilize 32-node clusters, and a single vCenter at each site to support 9,500 desktops per site. 
Which two statements about this configuration are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: This configuration allows all desktops at a site to be provisioned from a single master image.
  • B: This configuration allows multiple pools to be grouped together using global entitlements.
  • C: This configuration requires a 64-node cluster per site.
  • D: This configuration exceeds the maximum supported size for a View block.

Question 8
A customer has chosen vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon as its monitoring solution. 
The customer’s requirements are:
Monitor the PCoIP metrics to address user experience complaints. 
Minimum required resources should be used for monitoring purposes. 
Recent project updates include:
vRealize Operations Manager is already in use for vSphere monitoring. 
All desktop templates are created with Horizon 7 View agent and Horizon deployment is at the final stage of completion. 
Existing vRealize Operations Manager capacity is already scaled out to meet the current requirements of Horizon 7 monitoring needs. 
Which two additional components are required to make the monitoring systems ready? (Choose two.)

  • A: vRealize Operations Microsoft SQL Server plug in
  • B: vRealize Operations for Horizon Adapter
  • C: vRealize Operations for Horizon Desktop Agent
  • D: vRealize Operations Manager remote collector nodes
  • E: vRealize Operations for Horizon Broker Agent

Question 9
A company is implementing VMware Horizon View 7 solution. It has created four 500 linked-clone desktop pools to be used by different departments and workers. The company’s VDI administrator noticed that Horizon View Composer is showing in error state on the View Admin Web Console. During restart of the Composer service, the service failed to start up again. A decision was made to migrate View Composer to a new server and preserve the linked-clone information. 
What three steps are requires for the migration? (Choose three.)

  • A: Install View Connection Server on the new machine.
  • B: Create a new SQL database
  • C: Migrate the RSA key constrainer.
  • D: Configure Horizon View Composer to point to the existing SQL database.
  • E: Install the VMware Horizon View Composer service.

Question 10
A company is deploying VDI and needs to meet these requirements:
Support a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy 
Support external contractors 
Support access from anywhere 
Reduce or eliminate costly desktop and laptop replacement 
Which two solutions should an architect recommend? (Choose two.)

  • A: Deploy Airwatch.
  • B: Leverage Horizon 7 clients.
  • C: Deploy Horizon 7 Access Point appliances.
  • D: Deploy AppVolumes.
  • E: Provide Thin Clients to end-users.


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