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Exam VMware Specialist: vSAN 6.x Exam
Number 2VB-601
File Name VMware Specialist-vSAN 6-x Exam.Test-king.2VB-601.2018-11-20.1e.52q.vcex
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Posted November 20, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which services for vSAN are provided by NexentaConnect? 

  • A: Encryption and key management
  • B: Apache and JavaScript
  • C: NFS and SMB
  • D: iSCSI and FC

Question 2
The following are the configuration details for a 10-node all-flash vSAN cluster:
All hosts contain one vSAN disk group. 
Each disk group has 400GB for the cache tier and 1600GB for the capacity tier. 
A host in the cluster is placed into maintenance mode. The maintenance mode option selected is "Ensure data accessibility from other hosts". 
How much is the vSAN datastore raw capacity reduced while the host is in maintenance mode?

  • A: 1600GB
  • B: 400GB
  • C: 0GB
  • D: 2000GB 

Question 3
Which are two characteristics of a RAID-5 storage configuration? (Choose two.)

  • A: Data remain available with the loss to two storage devices.
  • B: It uses less storage capacity than mirroring with the same level of availability.
  • C: Data is striped across multiple storage devices.
  • D: It requires a minimum of five storage devices.

Question 4
Which three statements are true regarding vSAN networking requirements? (Choose three.)

  • A: Each host must have minimum bandwidth dedicated to vSAN: 
    Dedicated 1 Gbps for hybrid configurations. 
    Dedicated or shared 10 Gbps for all-flash configurations.
  • B: vSAN supports both IPv4 and IPv6.
  • C: Each host on the vSAN cluster must have a VMkernel network adapter with vSAN traffic enabled.
  • D: Each host in a vSAN cluster must use NIC teaming with NetFlow enabled.
  • E: The vSAN port group must have Promiscuous Mode emabled.

Question 5
Which two vSAN configurations require the use of a witness appliance? (Choose two.)

  • A: two-node configuration
  • B: all-flash configuration
  • C: stretched cluster configuration
  • D: hybrid configuration

Question 6
When implementing vSAN stretched clusters, bandwidth requirements between the preferred and secondary sites are determined by which factors?

  • A: Total number of read operations and block size
  • B: Total number of components and block size
  • C: Total number of write operations and block size
  • D: Total number of read operations, total number of write operations and block size

Question 7
Which two statements are true about the vSAN health and performance services? (Choose two.)

  • A: The vSAN performance service must be enabled before the vSAN health service.
  • B: The vSAN health service is enabled by default. 
  • C: The vSAN health service is disabled by default.
  • D: The vSAN performance service is disabled by default.

Question 8
What are two ways that the storage policies can be allied? (Choose two.)

  • A: Execute a PowerCLI script
  • B: Right-click a virtual machine in the vSphere Web Client
  • C: Run the "esxcli vsan storage tag add" command
  • D: Select the vSAN datastore and click "Apply Storage Policy"

Question 9
Which statement is true regarding vSAN and vSphere high availability (HA) interoperability? 

  • A: The vSAN datastore must be configured as the heartbeat datastore for vSphere HA.
  • B: vSphere HA must be disabled before enabling vSAN.
  • C: vSphere HA host isolation must be set to disabled.
  • D: The vSphere HA heartbeat object can only be assigned the default datastore storage policy. 

Question 10
What is the maximum supported latency between the preferred and secondary sites in a vSAN stretched cluster configuration?

  • A: 5 milliseconds round trip time
  • B: 10 milliseconds round trip time
  • C: 2.5 milliseconds round trip time
  • D: 200 milliseconds round trip time


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