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Exam VMware Certified Professional - Digital Workspace 2018 Exam
Number 2V0-761
File Name VMware Certified Professional -Digital Workspace 2018 Exam.PracticeTest.2V0-761.2019-06-19.1e.30q.vcex
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Posted June 19, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A device on the Internet is not able to connect to the VMware Tunnel.
Which three are the VMware recommended troubleshooting steps an administrator could take to resolve this issue? (Choose three.)

  • A: Telnet from the Tunnel front-end server to the Tunnel back-end server.
  • B: Ping from the Internet to the Tunnel back-end server.
  • C: Check the configuration on the console.
  • D: Telnet from the Tunnel front-end server to the Console server.
  • E: Telnet from the Internet to the Tunnel front-end server.

Question 2
What does an administrator need to do to require an end user to accept the Terms of Use (TOU) prior to completing the installation of a Workspace Services Profile?

  • A: Enrollment Terms of Use Acceptance
  • B: Enrollment End User License Agreement
  • C: Require an optional prompt
  • D: Register with Apple DEP

Question 3
Where can an administrator subscribe to reports in Workspace ONE?

  • A: VMware Workspace ONE app
  • B: Workspace ONE Identity Manager Console
  • C: VMware Unified Access Gateway
  • D: Workspace ONE UEM Console

Question 4
Which uses the built-in Kerberos Distribution Center service to authenticate requests?

  • A: Android Mobile SSO
  • B: VMware Unified Access Gateway
  • C: iOS Mobile SSO
  • D: Windows Hello

Question 5
A company is currently using PowerShell integration with Office 365 as an email solution.
Which PowerShell command can be used for retrieving a list of devices in your organization that have active Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync partnerships?

  • A: Get-ActiveSyncDeviceClass
  • B: Get-Mailbox –Identity $identity
  • C: Get-MobileDevice –Mailbox $mailbox
  • D: Set–ActiveSyncMailBoxPolicy

Question 6
Which productivity application requires the device to be Workspace ONE managed?

  • A: VMware Content Locker
  • B: VMware Boxer
  • C: VMware Tunnel
  • D: VMware Browser

Question 7
How does an administrator re-evaluate compliance for email policies after making changes to an email compliance policy rule?

  • A: Click Re-evaluate compliance for this device.
  • B: Deactivate and then reactivate the changed email compliance policy rule.
  • C: Click Run Compliance.
  • D: Reactivate the device endpoint.

Question 8
Drag and drop the component names into the diagram, which illustrates a VMware approved deployment with customer on premise VMware Horizon Desktops integrated into VMware Identity Manager.

Question 9
What Android device requirement must be met to push an application from the Google Play Store and have it silently install on a device?

  • A: Register with Android Enterprise
  • B: Google Developer access
  • C: G-Suite compatible
  • D: Supervised

Question 10
What three components does the Workspace ONE configuration wizard set up for the administrator? (Choose three.)

  • A: API connectivity between VMware Identity Manager and Horizon
  • B: Mobile Single Sign-On
  • C: Workspace ONE catalog
  • D: API connectivity between AirWatch and VMware Identity Manager
  • E: Conditional access policies
  • F: API connectivity between AirWatch and Horizon


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