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Exam VMware Certified Professional 7 - Cloud Management and Automation
Number 2V0-731
File Name VMware Certified Professional 7 -Cloud Management and Automation.passguide.2V0-731.2019-07-04.1e.75q.vcex
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Posted July 04, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A user receives a submission page with a red exclamation when attempting to submit a request. 
Which option best explains this behavior?

  • A: The approver has NOT approved the request.
  • B: The user exceeded the allowable resources for that request.
  • C: Actions have NOT been assigned to that item.
  • D: The user is NOT entitled to that resource.

Question 2
What specific action must an administrator take before deleting an approval policy?

  • A: Deprecate the policy
  • B: Unpublish the policy
  • C: Deactivate the policy
  • D: Decomission the policy

Question 3
A compute resource in a fabric group has 100 GB of memory. The following memory reservations were created from the compute resource:
Business Group A: 60 GB
Business Group B: 60 GB
What would be the expected result of this configuration?

  • A: Both business groups will compete for memory resources.
  • B: Both business groups will be guaranteed 50 GB of memory
  • C: Business group A will be guaranteed 60 GB of memory
  • D: The configuration will result in an error.

Question 4
Which two options are supported for the laaS database in a minimal deployment of vRealize Automation? (Choose two.)

  • A: Microsoft SQL Server installed on the IaaS server
  • B: Microsoft SQL Server installed on an external server
  • C: PostgreSQL Server installed on an external server
  • D: PostgreSQL Server installed on an IaaS server

Question 5
An external vRealize Orchestrator is being configured to automate items in vRealize Automation. The plug-in is installed, but an administrator is still unable to automate items in vRA. 
Which two items below will enable vRO to automate items in vRA, including aspects of laaS? (Choose two.)

  • A: Add an IaaS host to vRO using the workflow.
  • B: Edit the plug-in interface to add the vRA host information.
  • C: Add a vRO endpoint in vRA.
  • D: Add a vRA host to vRO using the workflow.

Question 6
What is required to allow an XaaS blueprint to provision objects that can be managed from the Items tab?

  • A: A resource action has been created.
  • B: A machine blueprint has been created.
  • C: A software component has been created.
  • D: A custom resource has been created.

Question 7
Which three scenarios are available for the IaaS database installation in a distributed vRealize Automation environment? (Choose three.)

  • A: Prepare an empty database and use the installer to populate the database schema.
  • B: Prepare an empty database and download the database schema from the appliance.
  • C: Create scripts for the installation wizard to use in creating the database.
  • D: Use the installation wizard to create the database.
  • E: Create the database using the provided database scripts.

Question 8
Which two components are delivered by a load-balanced vRealize Automation virtual appliance? (Choose two.)

  • A: Proxy Agent
  • B: DEM Worker
  • C: Identity Manager
  • D: vRealize Orchestrator

Question 9
Which two areas of the vRealize Automation User Interface could a Fabric Administrator examine to determine current consumption of compute and storage resources? (Choose two.)

  • A: Infrastructure > Compute Resources
  • B: Infrastructure > Reservation Policies
  • C: Home
  • D: Administration > Business Groups

Question 10
After failing a distributed installation using the installation wizard, which option would permit an administrator to roll back and attempt the installation again?

  • A: Reboot the vRealize Automation appliance.
  • B: Revert to the snapshots taken during the installation process.
  • C: The installation will restart automatically
  • D: Select the rollback option provided in the wizard at the time of the failure.


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