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Exam VMware Certified Professional 6 - Network Virtualization (NSX v6.2)
Number 2V0-642
File Name VMWare.2V0-642.2017-09-25.1e.77q.vcex
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Posted September 25, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Two virtual machines are unable to communicate with one another. The virtual machines are in the same distributed portgroup, but reside on different ESXi hosts.
What are two possible causes for the communications issue? (Choose two.)

  • A: Basic multicast filtering mode has been disabled on the ESXi hosts.
  • B: No physical NICs are assigned as active or standby uplinks in a NIC team.
  • C: The standby links are configured on different VLANs, preventing heartbeats from reaching each VM.
  • D: The physical NICs assigned as active or standby uplinks reside on different VLANs on the physical switch.

Question 2
Which three NSX services are available for synchronization in a Cross-vCenter implementation? (Choose three.)

  • A: Spoofguard
  • B: Distributed Firewall
  • C: Edge Firewall
  • D: Logical Switch
  • E: Transport Zone

Question 3
An NSX Administrator is examining traffic on the network shown below.
What is the packet flow when VM1 communicates to VM5?

  • A: Host A will perform a destination lookup, route the packet, switch the packet onto segment 5002, then encapsulate and send the packet to Host C.
  • B: Host A will perform a destination lookup, switch the packet onto segment 5002, route the packet, then encapsulate the packet and send it to the DLR control VM.
  • C: Host A will encapsulate the packet, send the encapsulated packet to host C, Host C will perform a destination lookup and switch the packet onto segment 5002.
  • D: Host A will encapsulate the packet, perform a destination lookup, route the packet to the DLR control VM, the control DLR will bridge the packet onto segment 5002.

Question 4
An organization is planning to use NSX as part of a disaster recovery project to provide consistent networking between two sites. Each site has one vCenter server. The organization requires universal objects and requires components to function during a site outage.
What is the minimum total instances of NSX Manager(s) and NSX Controller(s) that must be deployed across both sites to support the required functionality?

  • A: Two NSX Managers and two NSX Controllers
  • B: Two NSX Managers and six NSX Controllers
  • C: Two NSX Managers and three NSX Controllers
  • D: Two NSX Managers and four NSX Controllers

Question 5
What resource must a partner security service be registered with before the service is available to a security policy?

  • A: NSX Manager
  • B: ESXi host
  • C: Service Composer
  • D: vCenter Server


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