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Exam VMware Certified Professional 6.5 - Data Center Virtualization Delta
Number 2V0-622D
File Name VMware Certified Professional 6-5 -Data Center Virtualization Delta.Actualtests.2V0-622D.2018-11-11.1e.122q.vcex
Size 1.24 Mb
Posted November 11, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
The administrator wants to power on VM-K2, which has a 2GHz CPU reservation. VM-M1, VM-M2, and VM-K1 are all powered on. VM-K2 is not powered on. 
The exhibit shows the parent and child resource reservations. 


If Resource Pool RP-KID is configured with an expandable reservation, which statement is true? 

  • A: VM-K2 will be unable to power on because there are insufficient resources.
  • B: VM-K2 will be able to power on since resource pool RP-KID has 2GHz available.
  • C: VM-K2 will be unable to power on because only 2GHz are reserved for RP-KID.
  • D: VM-K2 will receive resource priority and will be able to power on this scenario.

Question 2
Which is the predefined user name when publishing a Content Library?

  • A: admin
  • B: root
  • C: administrator
  • D: vcsp

Question 3
Which three types of Content Libraries exist within vSphere 6.5? (Choose three.)

  • A: Remote Content Library
  • B: Published Content Library
  • C: Local Content Library
  • D: Shared Content Library
  • E: Subscribed Content Library

Question 4
Which is the block size on the VMFS6 datastore?

  • A: All small and large file blocks are 8MB.
  • B: All small and large file blocks are 1MB.
  • C: Small file blocks are 512KB. large file blocks are 64MB.
  • D: Small file blocks are 1MB, large file blocks are 512MB.

Question 5
When installing vCenter Converter Standalone, why must an administrator perform a client-server installation instead of a local installation?

  • A: to manage conversion tasks remotely
  • B: to convert virtual machines as well as physical machines
  • C: to allow installation of the Converter agent on remote source machines
  • D: to hot clone physical or virtual machines

Question 6
An administrator cannot enable multi-processor Fault Tolerance (SMP-FT) for a virtual machine. 
Which are two possible causes for this? (Choose two.)

  • A: The virtual machine is running on a vSAN datastore. 
  • B: The Fault Tolerance network is using a 10Gbit uplink.
  • C: The virtual machine has 6 vCPUs assigned.
  • D: The virtual machine has a 1TB VMDK attached.
  • E: The virtual machine has snapshots present.

Question 7
Which is the purpose of VM Component Protection (VMCP)?

  • A: Reconnect virtual NICs that become disconnected
  • B: Respond when a datastore encounters a PDL or APD failure.
  • C: Restart applications when they are no longer running.
  • D: Respond when viruses are detected inside a virtual machine.

Question 8
Which is required by vCenter Converter Standalone to convert a physical Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 machine to a virtual machine?

  • A: The Linux machine must be powered off.
  • B: The Linux machine must have the SSH daemon started.
  • C: The Linux machine must use a static IP address.
  • D: The Linux machine must have a fully-qualified domain name. 

Question 9
An administrator is troubleshooting network communications between a vCenter Server and an ESXi 6.5 host. 
Which log shows the related events between these components?

  • A: /var/log/fdm.log
  • B: /var/log/vpxa.log
  • C: /var/log/hostd.log
  • D: /var/log/auth.log

Question 10
Which two statements are true for Predictive DRS? (Choose two.)

  • A: It balances resource utilization for virtual machines with unpredictable utilization patterns.
  • B: It integrates DRS with vRealize Operations Manager to balance workloads for virtual machines before resource utilization spikes occur.
  • C: It balances resource utilization based on a threshold’s algorithm that runs each night.
  • D: It determines the best placement and balance of virtual machines based on a threshold’s algorithm that runs each night in vCenter Server 6.5 Database.


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