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Exam VMware Certified Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization (6.5) Exam
Number 2V0-622 PSE
File Name VMware Certified Professional 6 -Data Center Virtualization (6-5) Exam.braindumps.2V0-622 PSE.2019-11-12.1e.38q.vcex
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Posted November 12, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is the command for updating an ESXi host?

  • A: esxupdate software update -d “/vmfs/volumes/Datastore/DirectoryName/”
  • B: esxupdate software vib update -d“/vmfs/volumes/Datastore/DirectoryName/”
  • C: esxcli software update -d “/vmfs/volumes/Datastore/DirectoryName/”
  • D: esxcli software vib update -d“/vmfs/volumes/Datastore/DirectoryName/”

Question 2
How can a vSphere administrator ensure that two virtual machines never run on the same datastore in a datastore cluster, while permitting the VMs to be load balanced?

  • A: Disable storage DRS for the VMs.
  • B: Use an Inter-VM Anti-Affinity Rule.
  • C: Use an Intra-VM Anti-Affinity Rule.
  • D: Configure a storage DRS VM override.

Question 3
A vSphere Administrator observes that the Primary VM configured with Fault Tolerance is executing slowly. After further investigation, it is determined that the Secondary VM is on an overcommitted ESXi host. 
What two methods will correct the problem? (Choose two.)

  • A: Use Storage vMotion to migrate the Secondary VM to another datastore.
  • B: Configure a CPU limit on the Primary VM which will also apply to the secondary VM.
  • C: Use vMotion to migrate the Secondary VM to a different ESXi host.
  • D: Turn off and turn on FT in order to recreate the Secondary VM on a different datastore.

Question 4
Which port is used for vSphere HA agent-to-agent communication?

  • A: 8182
  • B: 22
  • C: 902
  • D: 443

Question 5
Which two features require the use of Host Profiles? (Choose two.)

  • A: shared storage
  • B: Host Customizations
  • C: Auto Deploy
  • D: vRealize Suite

Question 6
Which command will show the iSCSI sessions on a ESXi 6.5 host?

  • A: esxcli storageiscsi session list
  • B: esxcli iscsi session get
  • C: esxcli iscsi session list
  • D: esxcli storageiscsi session get

Question 7
Which feature facilitates the sharing of templates via vCenter Server?

  • A: Content Library
  • B: folders
  • C: vApp
  • D: OVF

Question 8
The business managers have asked the IT administrator to ensure configuration compliance in the vSphere infrastructure. The IT administrator wants to use Host Profiles to accomplish this, but is unable to do so. 
Why is the administrator unable to use Host Profiles?

  • A: Host Profiles apply only to storage settings.
  • B: The infrastructure has servers with various CPU families.
  • C: The user has only the “Administrator” role.
  • D: The infrastructure uses a vSphere Standard license.

Question 9
Which guest operating system supports PVRDMA?

  • A: Windows (32-Bit)
  • B: Windows (64-Bit)
  • C: Linux (64-Bit)
  • D: Linux (32-Bit)

Question 10
What is the VMware-recommended way to move a physical adapter out of Network I/O Control’s scope?

  • A: Move the vmnic to a different vmUplink port on the Distributed Switch.
  • B: Set the teaming policy to “Route Based on Physical NIC Load”.
  • C: Add the vmnic to the Net.NetNiocAllowOverCommit parameter in Advanced System Settings.
  • D: Add the vmnic to the Net.IOControlPnicOptOut parameter in Advanced System Settings.


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