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Exam VMware Professional Workspace ONE Exam 2019
Number 2V0-61.19
File Name VMware Professional Workspace ONE Exam 2019.passguide.2V0-61.19.2020-03-07.1e.34q.vcex
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Posted March 07, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
For a hybrid SaaS customer, what Workspace ONE components would always need to be installed On-premises? (Choose two.)

  • A: VMware Identity Manager
  • B: VMware Unified Access Gateway
  • C: VMware Email Notification Service v2
  • D: VMware AirWatch Cloud Messaging
  • E: VMware Tunnel

Question 2
Which are the key functionalities of Workspace ONE Intelligence? (Choose three.)

  • A: Content Insights
  • B: App Analytics
  • C: Mobile Analytics
  • D: Powerful Automation
  • E: Email Automation
  • F: Integrated Insights

Question 3
When configuring profiles in the Workspace ONE UEM Console for Android devices, why would some setting features and payloads be supported for specific original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) and/or operating system (OS) versions?

  • A: Profile configuration requires a device directly purchased from Google
  • B: Profile configuration requires an application built with the AirWatch SDK installed on the device
  • C: Profile configuration is dependent on operating system and firmware API availability
  • D: Profile configuration is XML-based and depending on the OEM or OS, the device may not support XML

Question 4
Which Unified Access Gateway (UAG) component can use an AirWatch generated certificate for inbound SSL traffic?

  • A: VMware Tunnel
  • B: Content Gateway
  • C: AirWatch Cloud Connector
  • D: VMware Secure Email Gateway

Question 5
Which is required to suppress the Apple Enrollment Terms of Use (TOU) for agreement prior to iOS device management?

  • A: Configure Apple VPP
  • B: Configure DEP
  • C: Configure pre-registration TOU
  • D: Configure post-registration TOU

Question 6
Workspace ONE VMware Tunnel supports which X.509 certificate file format?

  • A: .pfx
  • B: .p7s
  • C: .pem
  • D: .p12

Question 7
Which two settings need to be configured to allow a user to move content from Admin Repository A to Admin Repository B in the VMware Content Locker? (Choose two.)

  • A: Admin Repository A needs Allow Savings to Other Repositories enabled
  • B: Local storage needs to be enabled for VMware Content Locker
  • C: Admin Repository B needs Write enabled
  • D: Admin Repository A needs Allow Edit Enabled
  • E: Sharing needs to be enabled in the SDK setting for VMware Content Locker

Question 8
A topology, which includes placement of Workspace ONE service applications within layered internal networks, as well as communication workflows of requesting and receiving services, is an example of what kind of architectural design?

  • A: Conceptual
  • B: Logical
  • C: Virtual
  • D: Physical

Question 9
Which two registration modes are available for Android Enterprise endpoints? (Choose two.)

  • A: Work Profile
  • B: Work Supervised
  • C: Work Corporate
  • D: Work Managed
  • E: Work Company

Question 10
When using Okta as a 3rd Party IdP with Workspace ONE, which party owns the entitlement of resources in Workspace ONE?

  • A: Workspace ONE
  • B: Okta
  • C: SAML
  • D: OAuth


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