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Exam VMware Professional Workspace ONE Exam 2019
Number 2V0-61.19
File Name VMware Professional Workspace ONE Exam 2019.Vceplus.2V0-61.19.2019-08-22.1e.64q.vcex
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Posted August 22, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two integrations require the VMware Identity Manager Connector component? (Choose two.)

  • A: VMware Horizon
  • B: Email Relay
  • C: Certificate Services
  • D: RADIUS Auth Adapter
  • E: Syslog

Question 2
Which function processes device information and applies actions automatically based on configurations created by an administrator?

  • A: Admin Reports
  • B: Conditional Access
  • C: Compliance Policy
  • D: Device Profile

Question 3
Which policy should an administrator modify to grant a user access to the company's federated Web app in Workspace ONE?

  • A: Default access policy set
  • B: Default compliance policy
  • C: Default authentication user
  • D: Default profile policy

Question 4
For a hybrid SaaS customer, what Workspace ONE components would always need to be installed On-premises?
(Choose two.)

  • A: VMware Identity Manager
  • B: VMware Unified Access Gateway
  • C: VMware Email Notification Service v2
  • D: VMware AirWatch Cloud Messaging
  • E: VMware Tunnel

Question 5
Which component is required to integrate Workspace ONE Intelligence into a Workspace ONE solution for enhanced endpoint and application management?

  • A: Horizon Connection Server
  • B: Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector
  • C: Cloud Connector
  • D: Workspace ONE IDM Connector

Question 6
Which are the key functionalities of Workspace ONE Intelligence?
(Choose three.)

  • A: Content Insights
  • B: App Analytics
  • C: Mobile Analytics
  • D: Powerful Automation
  • E: Email Automation
  • F: Integrated Insights

Question 7
Which three features can be enabled by integrating Workspace ONE UEM and VMware Identity Manager services? (Choose three.)

  • A: Unified Catalog
  • B: Mobile Application Management
  • C: Mobile Email Management
  • D: Password (Airwatch Connector)
  • E: Single Sign-On to web applications
  • F: Compliance Auth Adapter

Question 8
When configuring profiles in the Workspace ONE UEM Console for Android devices, why would some setting features and payloads be supported for specific original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) and/or operating system (OS) versions?

  • A: Profile configuration requires a device directly purchased from Google
  • B: Profile configuration requires an application built with the AirWatch SDK installed on the device
  • C: Profile configuration is dependent on operating system and firmware API availability
  • D: Profile configuration is XML-based and depending on the OEM or OS, the device may not support XML

Question 9
Which Unified Access Gateway (UAG) component can use an AirWatch generated certificate for Inbound SSL traffic?

  • A: VMware Tunnel
  • B: Content Gateway
  • C: AirWatch Cloud Connector
  • D: VMware Secure Email Gateway

Question 10
Which is required to suppress the Apple Enrollment Terms of Use (TOU) for agreement prior to iOS device management?

  • A: Configure Apple VPP
  • B: Configure DEP
  • C: Configure pre-registration TOU
  • D: Configure post-registration TOU


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