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Exam vSphere 6.5 Foundations
Number 2V0-602
File Name VMWare.real-exams.2V0-602.2018-07-12.1e.222q.vcex
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Posted July 12, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An Administrator would like to take advantage of the new Automatic UNMAP feature in VMFS6. All of the existing datastores are connected via iSCSI and formatted with VMFS5. 
In order to minimize disruption and maintain some of the existing VMFS5 volumes, which two steps can be taken to leverage the UNMAP feature in VMFS6? (Choose two.)

  • A: Use Storage vMotion to migrate your workloads to the new VMFS6 datastore.
  • B: Create a new VMFS6 datastore.
  • C: Use Storage DRS to put the VMFS5 datastore into maintenance mode.
  • D: Perform an inline upgrade on each of your VMFS5 volumes.

Question 2
A Long-Distance vMotion migration cannot complete. 
Which three situations could cause this? (Choose three.)

  • A: The license currently in use for the two hosts in vSphere Enterprise Edition.
  • B: The round-trip time between the hosts is greater than 150 milliseconds.
  • C: The virtual machine is configured to use Virtual NVMe disks.
  • D: The vMotion traffic to the destination host is on the default TCP/IP stack.
  • E: The license currently in use for the two hosts is vSphere Enterprise Plus Edition.

Question 3
Which Distributed Switch Load Balancing option requires configuration of the physical Ethernet switch to operate properly?

  • A: Route based on originating virtual port
  • B: Use explicit failover
  • C: Route based on IP hash
  • D: Route based on physical NIC load
  • E: Route based on source MAC hash

Question 4
Which two choices are valid ways to patch an ESXi host? (Choose two.)

  • A: utilizing the esxcli Command Line Interface
  • B: vSphere Update Manager
  • C: vRealize Operations Manager
  • D: configuring a Host Profile

Question 5
Which three virtual hardware configurations will allow snapshots? (Choose three.)

  • A: Physical Mode RDMs
  • B: bus sharing
  • C: Full memory reservation
  • D: Virtual Mode RDMs
  • E: 16+ vCPU

Question 6
What tool is utilized for detailed performance monitoring of the vCenter Server Appliance?

  • A: vim-cmd
  • B: esxtop
  • C: Perfmon
  • D: vimtop

Question 7
Which is the VDP appliance available storage configuration maximum?

  • A: 2 TB
  • B: 62 TB
  • C: 8 TB
  • D: 4 TB

Question 8
A vSphere Administrator has been tasked with ensuring that 500 virtual desktops are unable to communicate with one another, but can communicate with required services. 
Which two solutions does VMware recommend? (Choose two.)

  • A: VMware NSX Distributed Firewall
  • B: Private VLAN
  • C: vSphere Host Firewall
  • D: Port Filtering

Question 9
What is the maximum supported number of Virtual SCSI adapters per VM in vSphere 6.5?

  • A: 8
  • B: 4
  • C: 2
  • D: 6

Question 10
A VMware vSphere 6.x Administrator is tasked with expanding a current vRealize Log Insight Deployment. 
What two steps will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

  • A: Run the startup wizard and select Join Existing Deployment.
  • B: Login to the vRealize Log Insight Management UI and select Add New Node.
  • C: Deploy another vRealize Log Insight server from the OVF.
  • D: Deploy and install vRealize Log Insight on a new Linux virtual machine.


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