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Exam Professional VMware vRealize Automation 7.6
Number 2V0-31.19
File Name Professional VMware vRealize Automation 7-6.Test-king.2V0-31.19.2019-10-06.1e.34q.vcex
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Posted October 06, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two types of entities can be a part of a vRealize Orchestrator package? (Choose two.) 

  • A: Policy templates
  • B: Inventory
  • C: Configurations
  • D: Logs
  • E: Scripting elements

Question 2
Which role is required in vRealize Automation to add a vCenter endpoint to vRealize Business for Cloud?

  • A: Business group manager
  • B: Infrastructure administrator
  • C: Business management controller
  • D: Business management administrator

Question 3
Which three vRealize Automation content types are supported by content lifecycle management in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager? (Choose three.)

  • A: Resource actions
  • B: Endpoints
  • C: Reservations
  • D: Composite blueprints
  • E: Entitlements
  • F: Property definitions

Question 4
Which option in a composite blueprint’s settings allows an architect to modify the CPU and memory limits of provisioned virtual machines?

  • A: Increase number of instances
  • B: Propagate updates to existing deployments
  • C: Make available as a component in the design canvas
  • D: Make provisioned resources scalable

Question 5
An administrator configures vRealize Automation for high availability by installing an additional vRealize Automation appliance. When users try to login to vRealize Automation, a message about an invalid license appears. 
Upon further investigation, the administrator determines that the vRealize Automation appliance nodes do not correctly resolve to the short host names of the nodes in the cluster. 
Which step can the administrator take to test the name resolution issue?

  • A: Update the ntp.conf file on the vRealize Automation appliance.
  • B: Update the hosts file on the vRealize Automation appliance.
  • C: Update the netconfig file on the vRealize Automation appliance.
  • D: Update the nsswitch.conf file on the vRealize Automation appliance.

Question 6
Which step must an administrator complete to reduce the number of blueprints to provision machines from different OVF or OVA files?

  • A: Use the datacenter location drop-down.
  • B: Create blueprints tied to a reservation policy.
  • C: Create a software component.
  • D: Use an image value set for a component profile.

Question 7
Which two methods can a vRealize Automation administrator use to delete a vSphere endpoint? (Choose two.)

  • A: Delete the endpoint using the vRealize Automation Cloud Client.
  • B: Delete the endpoint from the Postgres database.
  • C: Use the vRealize Automation REST API to delete the vSphere endpoint.
  • D: Run the “delete vSphere endpoint” stored procedure on the IaaS database. 
  • E: Execute the “Unregister a vCenter Server extension” workflow from vRealize Orchestrator.

Question 8
An architect is designing a virtual machine blueprint for the deployment team. Each deployment machine must contain dynamically assigned unique IPs that can be directly reached by the resources on the corporate network. 
Which type of networking is required for this blueprint?

  • A: NSX-T on-demand NAT network
  • B: NSX-T on-demand load balancer
  • C: NSX-T on-demand routed network
  • D: NSX-T existing network and security (NS) group

Question 9
Which two metrics providers can be used in vRealize Automation to identify underutilized virtual machines that are strong candidates for deployment reclamation of vSphere virtual machines? (Choose two.)

  • A: vRealize Log Insight
  • B: vRealize Operations manager endpoint
  • C: vRealize Network Insight
  • D: vCenter performance metrics
  • E: vRealize Automation metrics provider

Question 10
A directory has a complex hierarchy with all objects scattered in different organizational units. Synchronizing all users from it can be time-consuming and not all of them need to be vRealize Automation users. There is a security group that contains all of the users for synchronization. This group contains other groups as members. It also contains the users that require synchronization as direct members. 
Which step should the administrator take to ensure that only the necessary users are synchronized to vRealize Automation?

  • A: Specify a subdomain for the group.
  • B: Disable the search filter for users.
  • C: Disable sync for nested group members.
  • D: Specify the root of the domain.


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