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Exam Professional vSphere 6.7 Exam 2019
Number 2V0-21.19 PSE
File Name Professional vSphere 6-7 Exam 2019.passcertification.2V0-21.19 PSE.2020-03-19.1e.45q.vcex
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Posted March 19, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Using vSphere HA Orchestrated Restart an administrator places the most mission critical VM in the highest priority. After a host failure, the highest priority VM fails to restart while VMs in high priority restart. 
What would cause this to occur?

  • A: VMware Tools is not installed.
  • B: Proactive HA is disabled.
  • C: There are insufficient cluster resources.
  • D: Performance degradation VMs tolerate threshold is at default.

Question 2
A vSphere administrator is required to join all stateless ESXi hosts to an Active Directory domain for enhanced security. 
Which utility would accomplish this?

  • A: vSphere Authentication Proxy
  • B: vSphere Update Manger
  • C: vSphere Auto Deploy
  • D: Unified Access Gateway

Question 3
Which action should be taken to secure iSCSI devices in a vSphere environment?

  • A: Require ESXi hosts to use iSCSI port binding.
  • B: Require Secure Remote Protocol.
  • C: Require vCenter Enhanced Linked Mode.
  • D: Require ESXi hosts to authenticate to the target.

Question 4
A vSphere administrator uses a Dedicated Failover Hosts Admission Control Policy in a cluster. An ESXi host fails and vSphere HA attempts to restart the VMs onto the dedicated failover hosts. The hosts have insufficient resources. 
What happens to the VMs?

  • A: vSphere HA restarts VMs in another cluster.
  • B: vSphere HA attempts to restart the VMs on other hosts in the cluster.
  • C: vSphere HA powers down the VMs.
  • D: vSphere HA suspends the VMs until a host is available.

Question 5
An administrator is planning maintenance for a cluster with the following configuration:
DRS is fully automated 
Dedicated 10GbE vMotion network 
iSCSI storage with CHAP 
When a host is placed into maintenance mode, what is the maximum number of supported concurrent vMotion operations?

  • A: 4
  • B: 6
  • C: 8
  • D: 10

Question 6
A vCenter Server High Availability cluster consists of how many vCenter Server Appliance instances?

  • A: 2
  • B: 3
  • C: 4
  • D: 5

Question 7
An administrator runs vSphere Infrastructure in the following configuration:
Single vCenter 
Multiple vCenters 
Multiple clusters under each data center, all with identical hardware 
The administrator wants to use host profiles to manage the hosts. 
Where should the administrator attach the host profile?

  • A: vCenter object
  • B: each cluster
  • C: each folder
  • D: each data center

Question 8
An administrator wants to ensure the VMs for two different departments are separated on a single broadcast domain. 
Which configuration fulfills this requirement?

  • A: PVLAN on VMkernel Interface
  • B: PVLAN on VDS
  • C: PVLAN on Uplink Port
  • D: PVLAN on VSS

Question 9
A vSphere administrator has renamed the inventory name of a virtual machine. 
Which task should the administrator perform to ensure the virtual machine files are also renamed to match the new virtual machine name?

  • A: Take a virtual machine snapshot.
  • B: Migrate the machine to another host with vSphere vMotion.
  • C: Migrate the machine to another datastore with Storage vMotion.
  • D: Unregister and register the virtual machine in vCenter Server.

Question 10
What should the administrator do to monitor the size of the VM snapshot?

  • A: Install VMware Tools.
  • B: Use native Guest OS monitoring tools.
  • C: Run esxtop.
  • D: Create a condition-based alarm.


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