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Exam Professional vSphere 6.7 Exam 2019
Number 2V0-21.19 PSE
File Name Professional vSphere 6-7 Exam 2019.actualtests.2V0-21.19 PSE.2019-07-08.1e.36q.vcex
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Posted July 08, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two VMware solutions track and analyze the operation of multiple data sources? (Choose two.)

  • A: vRealize Automation
  • B: vRealize Operations Manager
  • C: vRealize Life Cycle Manager
  • D: vRealize Log Insight
  • E: vRealize Orchestrator

Question 2
What is required to convert a VM to a template?

  • A: Reregister the template.
  • B: Choose a thin-provisioned format.
  • C: Select a storage policy.
  • D: Power off the virtual machine.

Question 3
An administrator is elevating the security posture of a vSphere environment after a recent data breach. All VMs will be encrypted as part of this plan. 
Which additional component is required for the encryption?

  • A: KMS server.
  • B: vSAN encryption.
  • C: two-factor authentication
  • D: encrypted vSphere vMotion

Question 4
An administrator runs a vSphere cluster containing database VMs with extremely heavy disk I/O. Database VMs are placed on a costly all-flash array. The workloads are not memory intensive. 
How can the administrator ensure the most cost-effective utilization of the all-flash storage array?

  • A: Edit the cluster settings to place the virtual machine swap file on a different storage tier.
  • B: Enable Storage I/O Control on the flash datastores.
  • C: Use a VM-to-Host affinity rule to ensure database VMs are prioritized.
  • D: Install VMware Tools on the database VMs to ensure the hypervisor can receive I/O metrics.

Question 5
Which action should be taken to secure iSCSI devices in a vSphere environment?

  • A: Require ESXi hosts to use iSCSI port binding.
  • B: Require Secure Remote Protocol.
  • C: Require vCenter Enhanced Linked Mode.
  • D: Require ESXi hosts to authenticate to the target.

Question 6
A vSphere administrator has configured software iSCSI port binding in the environment with two VMkernel ports and four target portals. 
How many iSCSI sessions would be created from bound ports to targets?

  • A: 2
  • B: 4
  • C: 8
  • D: 16

Question 7
Refer to the exhibit.  


Which two tasks are allowed in the X-Lence data center? (Choose two.)

  • A: User B can delete from disk XRK-01.
  • B: User A can take a snapshot on XRK-01.
  • C: User C can convert AX-850 to VM.
  • D: User A can take a snapshot on AX-1000.
  • E: User C can view configuration of AX-1000.

Question 8
An administrator manages a cluster containing Production and Test VMs. Production VMs run on a VSS port group and a storage array separate from the Test VMs. The administrator wants to prevent large (>500GB) file transfers in Test from impacting Production. 
Which two configuration changes should the administrator make to achieve this? (Choose two.)

  • A: Migrate the VSS port groups to VDS port groups.
  • B: Enable NIOC on the virtual switch.
  • C: Install a second virtual NIC in the Production VMs.
  • D: Move the Test VMs to a dedicated folder with CPU shares set to low.
  • E: Move the Production VMs to a resource pool with a memory reservation.

Question 9
A vSphere administrator uses a Dedicated Failover Hosts Admission Control Policy in a cluster. An ESXi host fails and vSphere HA attempts to restart the VMs onto the dedicated failover hosts. The hosts have insufficient resources. 
What happens to the VMs?

  • A: vSphere HA restarts VMs in another cluster.
  • B: vSphere HA attempts to restart the VMs on other hosts in the cluster.
  • C: vSphere HA powers down the VMs.
  • D: vSphere HA suspends the VMs until a host is available.

Question 10
Which two features should an administrator use to protect a VMware vCenter Server Appliance from host and hardware failures? (Choose two.)

  • A: vSphere Fault Tolerance
  • B: vCenter High Availability
  • C: VMware Distributed Power Management
  • D: vSphere High Availability
  • E: VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler


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