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Exam VMware Certified Associate 6 - Network Visualization Fundamentals Exam
Number 1V0-642
File Name VMware Certified Associate 6 -Network Visualization Fundamentals Exam.Test-king.1V0-642.2018-12-10.1e.30q.vcex
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Posted December 10, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which is NOT a benefit of virtualized compute over traditional physical hardware for server deployments?

  • A: Cost
  • B: Deployment time
  • C: Security
  • D: Flexibility

Question 2
What are the two operational modes available with VMware NSX balancer (Choose two.) 

  • A: Proxy
  • B: Setup
  • C: Baseline
  • D: Inline

Question 3
An organization has not yet implemented network virtualization in their IT infrastructure.  
What are the two common management challenges organizations meet in their day-to-day administration? (Choose two.)

  • A: Be susceptible to malware and virus vulnerabilities in the network.
  • B: Update physical network manually each time a new application is deployed.
  • C: Spend more time in provisioning and decommissioning lab environments.
  • D: Manage frequently occurring network requests manually.

Question 4
An administrator wants to provide seamless connectivity between on-premises and hybrid cloud resources.  
In this scenario which technologies can be incorporated to provide seamless connectivity? (Choose two.)

  • A: VMware NSX L2 VPN
  • B: VMware NSX L4-L7 VPN
  • C: Site to Site VPN with TLS
  • D: Site to site VPN with IPSec

Question 5
How do virtual networks support physical infrastructure Quality of Service (QoS)?

  • A: By receiving the help of the NSX gateway.
  • B: By marking the packets in the encapsulated header.
  • C: By employing East-West traffic.
  • D: By restricting the access of VLANs to specific pods. 

Question 6
An administrator decides to implement logical switching to establish connectivity between virtual machines that reside on the same host. 
Which layer is used by logical switching to provide this connectivity?

  • A: Layer 4
  • B: Layer 5
  • C: Layer 3
  • D: Layer 2

Question 7
What is the default virtual standard switch that is created when ESXi is installed on a hypervisor?

  • A: vSwitch 1
  • B: vSwitch
  • C: vSwitch0
  • D: vSwitcj2

Question 8
Which service of VMware Integrated OpenStack has the ability to communicate with VMware NSX Controller, create logical switches and routers, and add new NSX virtual machines on demand?

  • A: Neutron
  • B: Proton
  • C: Glance
  • D: Nova

Question 9
Which characteristic of VMware NSX enables secure intra-data center network traffic?

  • A: Micro-segmentation
  • B: Cloud pod architecture
  • C: Elasticity
  • D: Multi-tenant manageability

Question 10
Which security service applies rules at the Virtual NIC (vNIC) level to define the traffic allowed to and from a security group? 

  • A: Distributed firewall rules
  • B: Network firewall rules.
  • C: Network introspection services.
  • D: Guest introspection services.


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