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Exam VMware Certified Associate 6 - Network Virtualization Fundamentals
Number 1V0-604
File Name VMware Certified Associate 6 -Network Virtualization Fundamentals.pass4sure.1V0-604.2019-03-15.1e.50q.vcex
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Posted March 15, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What are two advantages that result from the centralized configuration and management of a virtual distributed switch using vCenter Server? (Choose two.)

  • A: It provides improved LAN performance and network throughput.
  • B: It eliminates human error and prevents network downtime.
  • C: It simplifies troubleshooting of networking issues in vSphere network
  • D: It saves time and reduces the costs of deployment and management.

Question 2
Which feature makes it possible to integrate NSX with in-house or third party Cloud Management Platforms?

  • A: NSX Edge Gateway
  • B: Service Composer
  • C: The NSX API
  • D: The NSX plug-in

Question 3
In a vSphere installation, where are standard virtual switches deployed?

  • A: On each Virtual Machine
  • B: On the NSX Manager
  • C: On each ESXi host
  • D: On the vCenter Server

Question 4
NSX provides a diagnostic utility that can be used to test network transport health. What is this utility called?

  • A: NSX Controller CLI
  • B: Flow Monitoring
  • C: NSX Manager Connectivity Check
  • D: Port Mirroring

Question 5
Two virtual machines are attempting to communicate. The VMs are on different NSX Logical Switches on separate physical hosts. What NSX component is responsible for facilitating communication between these VMs?

  • A: NSX Manager
  • B: Distributed Logical Router
  • C: An NSX Controller
  • D: The Edge Service Gateway

Question 6
Which two statements accurately describe a virtual distributed switch? (Choose two.)

  • A: Virtual distributed switch manages virtual machine traffic, while a virtual standard switch is required for ESXi kernel traffic.
  • B: Virtual distributed switch only forwards traffic between virtual machines and external networks.
  • C: Virtual distributed switch can be configured with network configurations that span across all member hosts.
  • D: Virtual distributed switch functions as a single network switch across all associated hosts.

Question 7
Which physical networking device enables machines on different network segments, with different IP subnets, to communicate with each other?

  • A: Switch
  • B: Router
  • C: Firewall
  • D: Proxy

Question 8
Which statement represents a common use case for deploying NSX?

  • A: NSX allows organizations to remove all physical network devices
  • B: NSX provides rapid deployment of core services such as firewall and load balancing
  • C: NSX provides simplified management of physical network devices
  • D: NSX provides easier virtual machine deployment than traditional ySphere enabled data centers

Question 9
Which NSX enabled tool can consolidate, visualize and correlate syslog data from multiple related components in the software defined data center?

  • A: System Manager
  • B: Syslog Manager
  • C: Log Insight
  • D: Service Composer

Question 10
Which two features of VMware NSX can benefit a data center that is having difficulties with slow network provisioning? (Choose two.)

  • A: You can place and move workloads independently of physical topology.
  • B: Network provisioning is reduced from days to seconds.
  • C: You can move virtual switches to physical servers.
  • D: Network provisioning is no longer required.


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