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Exam Certification VMware Certified Associate 6 - Cloud Management and Automation Fundamentals
Number 1V0-603
File Name VMWare.PracticeDumps.1V0-603.2017-12-11.1e.50q.vcex
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Posted December 11, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A consultant has been hired to architect a hybrid cloud solution for a client. The consultant decides to build two clouds: one for development and one for production. Which product can move workloads from the development cloud to the cloud?

  • A: vFabiic Suite
  • B: vCioud Connector
  • C: vCenter Server
  • D: vRealize Operations

Question 2
An organization is evaluating to a hybrid cloud infrastructure. They already manage an onsite vsphere environment and want to better understand the benefits of migrating data to vcloud air. 
What would be a compelling reason for the client to migrate to a hybrid cloud solution?

  • A: They will be able to use storage clusters and Storage Distributed Resource Scheduling.
  • B: They will be able to more easily optimize the provisioning and performance of their virtualized workloads.
  • C: They will be able to place their mission-critical virtual machines under Fault Tolerance protection.
  • D: vRealize Automation will allow them to leverage vSphere Distributed Switches.

Question 3
An administrator for a regional service provider has a predominately mobile client base. 
Which statement represents an availability challenge that this administrator might face?

  • A: The clients want to work on business problems instead of worrying about always been "hands on" with their virtual workloads.
  • B: The clients need connectivity and flexibility without being required to host their own internal VPN services.
  • C: The clients have workloads in your data center and want to migrate to hosting providers in different geographical areas.
  • D: The clients need the ability to quickly deploy preconfigured workloads on demand.

Question 4
An administrator is examining a data center to validate that it is operating as efficiently as possible. 
Which option represents an Efficiency challenge the administrator might face?

  • A: Needing to easily roll back changes to workloads during testing and development.
  • B: Wanting to provide multi-tenant access to cloud resources without compromising security.
  • C: Needing semi-isolated and autonomous environments for the application development teams.
  • D: Wanting to align IT costs with corporate models by classifying IT as an operating expense.

Question 5
A manager wants to know why traditional usage metering tools are less effective in a private cloud environment than they are in physical environments. 
What statement provides the best response?

  • A: Traditional monitoring tools won't work in a cloud environment.
  • B: Traditional metering tools require agents to be installed, which don’t work in virtual machines.
  • C: Resource usage is based on the overall demand of all virtual machines instead of per server.
  • D: This is not true, traditional usage metering tools are still the best choice.

Question 6
A company has decided to move to a hybrid cloud environment. They are concerned that this may increase management complexity by requiring multiple interfaces. Which product provides a single interface for all virtual machines within a hybrid cloud environment?

  • A: vCenter Server
  • B: vFabric Suite
  • C: vCloud Connector
  • D: VMware NSX

Question 7
A company has a multi-tier application and needs a deployment solution that will take into account CPU and memory requirements, while ensuring that the security of each workload can be protected using dynamic firewalls. 
Which two products will meet the company's needs? (Choose two.)

  • A: vSphere Replication
  • B: vRealize Automation
  • C: vRealize Operations
  • D: VMware NSX

Question 8
Which statement best describes a Software-Defined Enterprise?

  • A: An architecture framework designed to fully automate all IT services in all data centers removing the need for human interaction.
  • B: An enterprise response to mainstream disorganization of resources in the data center that delivers on the promise of interconnected infrastructure and software-as –a-service.
  • C: An architecture that uses intelligence automation and common management to provide transparent governance of infrastructure and software-as a-service.
  • D: An architecture that uses virtualization to replace all physical components in the data center while using localized management and compliance to deliver infrastructure and software-as-a-service.

Question 9
Which VMware product will help ensure the most appropriate operating system, amount of storage and number of vCPUs are assigned when creating a vApp according to a given budget?

  • A: vRealize Orchestrator
  • B: vRealize Operations
  • C: vRealize Business
  • D: vRealize Automation

Question 10
An administrator is deploying a new vApp which needs specific storage capabilities. In the past datastores were organized by service levels such as Tier 1 FC Tier 2 SAS etc. The company’s storage infrastructure has grown very large and manually identifying the various storage types and capabilities has become tedious and error prone. 
Which technology helps eliminate a lot of the manual work involved in keeping storage information up to date within a cloud-based environment?

  • A: VASA
  • B: Resource Pools
  • C: Storage vMotion
  • D: Catalogs


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