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Exam VMware Certified Associate 6 - Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals
Number 1V0-602
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Posted June 10, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A company is evaluating the VMware Hybrid Cloud solution and has asked an administrator to research its advantages and respond back to the implementation manager. (Choose three.)

  • A: Hot migration of virtual machines between datacenter or private cloud and vCloud Air.
  • B: Common management tool for on-premises and off-premises management of workloads.
  • C: Common platform for existing and new applications.
  • D: Seamless networking layer between your datacenter or private cloud and vCloud Air.
  • E: Solution to migrate physical servers to cloud.

Question 2
Which networking component or feature is the primary building block for vCloud Air networking?

  • A: Firewall
  • B: NAT
  • C: Edge Gateway
  • D: Load Balancer

Question 3
Which cloud service provides isolation from noisy neighbors?

  • A: Disaster Recovery Cloud
  • B: Dedicated Cloud
  • C: Virtual Private Cloud
  • D: Isolated Cloud

Question 4
Which three networking services can be configured in a vCloud environment's Edge Gateway device? (Choose three.)

  • A: Bandwidth Allocation
  • B: Firewall
  • C: Network Address Translation
  • D: Load Balancing
  • E: NFS

Question 5
What are two advantages of configuring firewall rules in vCloud Air? (Choose two.)

  • A: The network traffic between any interfaces on a gateway can be secured.
  • B: the traffic flowing in end out of the vCloud Air cloud can be managed.
  • C: The basic DHCP service for a gateway can be configured.
  • D: A pool of IP addresses on the auto-generated internal and gateway networks can be created.

Question 6
What is the minimum configuration supported in the disaster recovery cloud?

  • A: 20 GB RAM, 10 GHz vCPU, and 2TB of storage
  • B: 120 GB RAM, 30 GHz vCPU, and 6TB of storage
  • C: 20 GB RAM, 10 GHz vCPU, and 1TB of storage
  • D: 10 GB RAM, 10 GHz vCPU, and 4TB of storage

Question 7
How many public IP addresses are provided with the Dedicated Cloud service of vCloud Air?

  • A: Four
  • B: Three
  • C: Two
  • D: One

Question 8
Which service allows administrators to distribute the incoming requests to a specific external IP addresses across multiple internal IP addresses?

  • A: DHCP
  • B: VPN
  • C: Load Balancing
  • D: NAT

Question 9
Which data migration method supports datacenter extension for stretched Layer 2 networks and automated catalog synchronization?

  • A: Direct Connect
  • B: Offline Data Transfer
  • C: vCloud Connector
  • D: OVF

Question 10
What are three ways customers can connect their on-premises and vCloud Air virtual datacenters? (Choose three.)

  • A: Direct Connect
  • B: Public Internet
  • C: IPsec VPN
  • D: MPLS
  • E: vCloud Connector


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