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Exam VMware Certified Associate 6 - Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals
Number 1V0-601
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Posted December 09, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What are two features of vSphere 6.x that help address the availability challenges that organizations face? (Choose two.)

  • A: Deploying from Templates
  • B: Host Profiles
  • C: High Availability
  • D: Fault Tolerance

Question 2
Which two issues do organizations hope to solve with Data Center Virtualization? (Choose two.)

  • A: High inefficiency of the Data Center
  • B: High operating expenses
  • C: Low bandwidth utilization
  • D: Increased CPU utilization

Question 3
Which storage feature allows common management across storage tiers and dynamic storage classes in the Software-Defined Data Center?

  • A: VMware Certificate Authority
  • B: NFS
  • C: Platform Services Controller
  • D: Storage Policy-Based Management

Question 4
Which vSphere 6.x feature enables you to mitigate the effects of storage latency during peak load periods in a virtualized data center?

  • A: NFS
  • B: iSCSI
  • C: Storage I/O Control
  • D: Virtual SAN

Question 5
What is the minimum number of virtual NICs that you can configure for a virtual machine?

  • A: Four
  • B: One
  • C: Zero
  • D: Two

Question 6
Why does iSCSI use hardware and software initiators?

  • A: To initiate connectivity to hardware and software components
  • B: To enable storage of data.
  • C: To obtain native support within ESXi.
  • D: To establish network connectivity.

Question 7
An administrator is working in a bank that has a highly regulated, secure environment. The bank faces an increasing number of clients, and the administrator is finding II monitor the environment and report any changes. 
Which VMware product can help provide a solution?

  • A: vSphere Hypervisor
  • B: vRealize Operations Manager
  • C: Air Watch
  • D: Virtual SAN

Question 8
Which vSphere 6.x feature allocates available resources among the virtual machines based on pre-defined rules?

  • A: Storage vMotion
  • B: Dynamic Resource Scheduler
  • C: Distributed Power Management
  • D: vMotion

Question 9
A network administrator wants reduce the network clutter in his infrastructure and decides to use virtual switches. How can virtual switches help reduce network clutter?

  • A: By troubleshooting and resolving all the network issues.
  • B: By reducing the number of physical machines.
  • C: By reducing the number of physical network cables plugged into hosts.
  • D: By reducing the virtual network traffic.

Question 10
A consultant is meeting the COO of a new client to help the company consider implementing data center virtualization. The COO asks the consultant to explain the benefits of virtualization. 
Which are three benefits of data center virtualization with vSphere 6.x? (Choose three.)

  • A: It supports automatic software integration.
  • B: It provides unlimited storage.
  • C: It delivers high application availability.
  • D: It helps reduce capital and operating expenditures.
  • E: It increases IT productivity.


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