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Demo Questions

Question 1
When can a Development Team cancel a Sprint?

  • A: It can’t. Only Product Owners can cancel Sprints.
  • B: When functional expectations are not well understood.
  • C: When the Product Owner is absent too often.
  • D: When the selected Product Backlog items for the Sprint become unachievable.
  • E: When a technical dependency cannot be resolved.

Question 2
Where are two good ways for the Development Team to make non-functional requirements visible? (Choose two.)

  • A: Put them on a separate list on the Scrum board, available for all to see.
  • B: Add them to the Product Backlog and keep the Product Owner posted on the expected effort.
  • C: Run the integration and regression tests before the end of the Sprint, and capture the open work for the Sprint Backlog of the next Sprint.
  • D: Run the integration and regression tests before the end of the Sprint, and capture the open work for the Sprint Backlog of the next Sprint.
  • E: Add them to the definition of “Done” so the work is taken care of every Sprint.

Question 3
How much time is required after a Sprint to prepare for the next Sprint?

  • A: The break between Sprints is time-boxed to 1 week for 30 day Sprints, and usually less for shorter sprints.
  • B: Enough time for the requirements for the next Sprint to be determined and documented.
  • C: Enough time for the Development team to finish the testing from the last Sprint.
  • D: None. A new Sprint starts immediately following the end of the previous Sprint.
  • E: All of the above are allowed depending on the situation.

Question 4
Which answer best describes the topics covered in Sprint Planning?

  • A: What to do and who will do it.
  • B: How conditions have changed and how the Product Backlog should evolve.
  • C: What can be done and how to do it.
  • D: What went wrong in the last Sprint and what to do differently this Sprint.
  • E: Who is on the team and what team member roles will be.

Question 5
Which of the following is required by Scrum? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A: Sprint Retrospective.
  • B: Members must be stand up at the Daily Scrum.
  • C: Sprint Burndown Chart.
  • D: Release planning.
  • E: All of the above.

Question 6
Who must attend the Daily Scrum?

  • A: The Scrum Master and Product Owner.
  • B: The Development Team.
  • C: The Development Team and Product Owner.
  • D: The Scrum Team.
  • E: The Development Team and Scrum Master.

Question 7
When do Development Team members take ownership of a Sprint Backlog item?

  • A: At the Sprint planning meeting.
  • B: During the Daily Scrum.
  • C: Never. All Sprint Backlog Items are “owned” by the entire Development Team, even though each one may be done by an individual Development Team member.
  • D: Whenever a team member can accommodate more work.

Question 8
The purpose of a Sprint is to produce a done Increment of product.

  • A: True
  • B: False

Question 9
Which two things should the Development Team do during the first Sprint? (Choose two.)

  • A: Make up a plan for the rest of the project.
  • B: Analyze, describe, and document the requirements for the subsequent Sprints.
  • C: Develop at least one piece of functionality.
  • D: Analyze, design, and describe the complete architecture and infrastructure.
  • E: Create an increment of potentially releasable software.

Question 10
What is the key concern when multiple Development Teams are working from the same Product Backlog?

  • A: Minimizing dependencies between teams.
  • B: Clear definition of requirements.
  • C: Meeting original scope projections.
  • D: Making sure there’s enough work for everyone on every team.
  • E: Maximizing velocity.



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