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Demo Questions

Question 1
An online retail customer needs daily promotional email content to generate with minimal time spent on creation. Their service contract includes building a custom dynamic template for this purpose. The customer has communicated the following: 
The email content will highlight new inventory each day.  
A small team will run both their digital marketing operations and their email program.  
A user needs to build, test, and send a daily email in less than an hour.  
Images for the emails will be hosted on their website CMS.  
Which question is relevant to identify strategies for designing the custom template for the customer's daily promotional email? Choose 3 answers

  • A: How often will the layout of the content in a content area change?
  • B: What is the maximum file size of the images being used?
  • C: What From Name will be used for these emails?
  • D: Will image URLs be available publicly?
  • E: How often will email content be image-only with text overlaying images?

Question 2
A retail company needs to create journeys that will target subscribers based on website behavior.  They have identified 3 separate groups: 
Customers who searched for an item on their website.  
Customers who abandoned a cart on their website.  
Customers who made a purchase on their website.  
What should the consultant ask in order to design the data structure for this solution? Choose 3 answers

  • A: Should customers exit the journey when the goal is met?
  • B: How are subscribers identified in your web analytics?
  • C: How many messages should be included in each journey?
  • D: How long after the behavior occurs will a subscriber need to enter a journey?
  • E: Should a single customer exist in multiple journeys at the same time?

Question 3
As part of their brand guidelines, Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) uses a custom brand font for all print marketing materials. NTO wants to use their custom brand font in email as well.  
What is the recommended best practice for font usage in email?

  • A: Use a web-safe font for text that closely matches the brand's custom font.
  • B: Build an email as one image, with all text saved in the brand font.
  • C: Edit an email's HTML to list the custom brand font in the style tag's font-family property.
  • D: Build an email using multiple images, with all text saved in the brand font.

Question 4
A retail company's database of record resides at a 3rd-party company that also keeps track of purchase history.  
That database only updates once a day where new records can be created and merged.  
The database uses an "Email ID," which is a numeric field that represents both the business unit and email address.  
The company now wants to be able to send real-time Welcome emails to people (newly registered website users) who provide their email address in exchange for getting 10% off their first order, and ensure this send is connected to "Email ID" in the database.  
What key issue should be addressed? Choose 3 answers

  • A: How will Marketing Cloud and the database sync up?
  • B: Will new users have an "Email ID"?
  • C: What will be used as Subscriber Key?
  • D: What publication lists will be used?
  • E: Will the company need a custom preference center?

Question 5
Northern Trail Outfitters is noticing a gradual decline in the percentage of conversions per emails sent in their digital marketing campaign. A new initiative is being adopted to reverse the trend.
What action should be taken to increase subscriber engagement? Choose 2 answers

  • A: Increase volume of emails to a wider audience.
  • B: Increase the use of dynamic content in emails.
  • C: Adopt a Cart Abandonment Email Campaign.
  • D: Introduce more identity verification steps in check out process. 

Question 6
A retail company does business in both the United States and Canada. They also have a loyalty program in which a customer can enroll. The company will provide a pre- segmented customer file, per campaign, which has a "Version" data field indicating the type of email the customer is to receive.  
What question should be asked to determine a data/segmentation strategy?  
Choose 2 answers

  • A: Will customers be able to sign up for the loyalty program at the store?
  • B: Is the purpose of these emails for acquisition or retention or transactional?
  • C: Will multiple languages be used, with a "From Name" lookup table needed?
  • D: Will version values/meanings change, precluding reusable AMPscript?

Question 7
A customer is interested in designing a solution to ensure that subscribers only receive categories of emails that they want to receive. The built-in subscription center will be used as part of the solution. Which feature should be utilised to make this happen?

  • A: Publication Lists
  • B: Subscriber Keys
  • C: Profile Center
  • D: Send Logging

Question 8
A financial services customer states that families often share email addresses across multiple checking, savings, loan, and credit accounts. The customer needs to allow individual accounts to use the same email address in Marketing Cloud but maintain separate subscriber attributes.  
Which component should be discussed with the customer to allow for this use case?

  • A: Subscriber Key
  • B: Contact ID
  • C: Member Record
  • D: Data Extensions

Question 9
A customer team wants to retarget subscribers who click on links of key items promoted across email campaigns. The customer has indicated the following: 
Emails will be built using a custom dynamic template for these messages.  
Links will vary over time and across campaigns.  
Click activity will be cross-referenced with subscribers' regional markets on a master subscriber data extension.  
Retargeting messages will dynamically populate content based on regional market.  
In order for this solution to be viable, which skill set does the customer team need to possess?

  • A: AMPscript
  • B: SSJS
  • C: SQL
  • D: HTML

Question 10
During discovery, the customer outlines data requirements and the anticipated use of Marketing Cloud with the following criteria: 
Customer data will be fully refreshed every night via Import activity from the customer's data warehouse.  
Contact records will be augmented by relational data tables via Contact Builder.  
The customer data file will contain 5M records with 40+ attributes.  
One attribute will house HTML code, 1000 characters max, that will be used to populate Account Access content areas in emails.  
A customer ID will be used as the unique identifier for each contact. 
Which statement differentiates the use of data extensions over lists?

  • A: Data extensions allow for add/update Import activity.
  • B: Data extensions can store HTML code as an attribute.
  • C: Data extensions support Customer ID to be used as Subscriber Key.
  • D: Data extensions are necessary for Contact Builder



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