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Exam Administration Essentials for New Admins
Number ADM-201
File Name Salesforce Certified Administrator.CertDumps.ADM-201.2022-05-25.1e.214q.vcex
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Posted May 25, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
The administrator at Ursa Major Solar imported records into an object by mistake.
Which two tools should be used to undo this import?
Choose 2 answers

  • A: Weekly Data Export
  • B: Mass Delete Records
  • C: Data Loader
  • D: Data Import Wizard

Question 2
An administrator has reviewed an upcoming critical update.
How should the administrator proceed with activation of the critical update?

  • A: Activate the critical update in a sandbox.
  • B: Allow the critical update to auto-activate.
  • C: Activate the critical update in production.
  • D: Allow the critical update to auto-activate in a sandbox.

Question 3
At universal Containers, users would like to be able to share Salesforce records with other members of their team, while collaborating around general topics as well.
Which are two considerations for enabling this functionality?
Choose 2 answers

  • A: Collaboration groups are created automatically for every department.
  • B: Object layouts should be configured to include the groups related list.
  • C: The Add Record action must be configured in the group publisher.
  • D: An administrator needs to create a group to enable record sharing

Question 4
Cloud Kicks wants to allow customers to create their own cases while visiting its public homepage.
What should the administrator recommend?

  • A: SMS Response
  • B: Web-to-Case
  • C: Email-to-Case
  • D: Omni-Channel

Question 5
Which two objects are customizable the Stage Setup Flow?
Choose 2 answers

  • A: Leads
  • B: Campaigns
  • C: Opportunities
  • D: Campaign Members

Question 6
Cloud kicks needs to ensure appropriate shipping details are used in orders. Reps should have a streamlined solutions to update the shipping address on selected orders associated with an account when the shipping address is changed on the account.
How should the administrator deliver this requirement?

  • A: An autolaunched flow on the order page that updates all open orders shipping addresseswhenever the account shipping addresses changes.
  • B: An autolaunched flow on the account page that updates all open orders shipping addresseswhenever the account shipping addresses changes.  
  • C: A screen flow on the order page that lets the reps choose the updated account shipping address inall open associated orders
  • D: A screen flow on the account page that lets the reps choose the updated account shipping addressin all open associated orders

Question 7
Support agent at Cloud Kicks are spending too much time finding resources to solve cases.
The agents need a more efficient way to find documentation and similar cases from the Case page layout.
How should an administrator meet this requirement?

  • A: Create a custom object to capture popular case resolutions.
  • B: Use an interview flow to capture Case details.
  • C: Direct users to Global Search to look for similar cases.
  • D: Configure Knowledge with articles and data categories.

Question 8
Cloud Kicks wants to track shoe designs by products. Shoe designs should be unable to be deleted, and there can be multiple designs for one product across various stages.
Which two steps should the administrator configure to meet this requirement?
Choose 2 answers

  • A: Add a custom master-detail field for shoe designs on the Product object,
  • B: Create a custom object for shoe designs.
  • C: Use the standard object for designs.
  • D: Configure a custom lookup field for shoe designs on the Product object.

Question 9
Universal Containers has enabled Data Protection and Privacy for its org.
Which page layouts will have the Individual field available for tracking data privacy information?

  • A: Case and Opportunity
  • B: Account and User
  • C: Contact, Lead, and Person Account
  • D: Individual, User, and Account

Question 10
The support manager at Cloud Kicks wants to respond to customers as quickly as possible.
They have requested that the response include the top five troubleshooting tips that could help solve the customer's issue.
What should the administrator suggest to meet these requirement?

  • A: Auto-Response Rules
  • B: Email Alerts
  • C: Knowledge Articles
  • D: Assignment Rules


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